Q Says Thank You

By Shakayla
Rating: M for sexual content and adult themes.
Disclaimers: All the characters belong to Paramount, but the story line is all mine, etc. etc.

This story takes place at the end of Q and the Grey and is about what “could have” transpired between Janeway and Chakotay had the fans had their way! It’s a little light on plot - but a lot of J/C fun.

In an instant, they were back on the bridge. Captain Janeway quickly surveyed the bridge to find all of her crew alive and well. She breathed a small sigh of relief - what a day it had been! First, the phenomenon of the star going supernova, the appearances by Q, and finally the whole war saga in the continuum...she was really looking forward to a nice hot bath.

After making sure all of subspace was back to normal, she ordered a ship’s diagnostic to be performed and then she was off to her ready room. Q, of course, was waiting for her with his son. And as usual, he startled her with his presence. She was almost sure he got some perverse pleasure out of doing that to her. “Q, what brings you here...again?”

“Just wanted to show you what you were missing out on by not being a parent” She started to raise her hand and voice in protest when he stopped her... “most importantly, though, I wanted to thank you.”

“Oh, I think this is a once in a lifetime - do go on,” Janeway smiled and replied sarcastically.

“Before you go getting to uppity on me Kathy, the continuum and I do appreciate your intervention in our little war and I personally want to reward you.”

“Well, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to come down here to personally thank me...” Janeway replied dryly. “...however, no reward is needed. I’m just glad everything worked out.”

“On contraire, my fair lady...you shall have your reward - more than you would ever allow yourself to have.” With that, he snapped his fingers and she was gone.

When Kathryn became reoriented, the first thing she realized was that she was no longer on her ship. She also immediately realized that she was without her uniform. As a matter of fact, she was without clothing. She was in a bathtub! She quickly surveyed her surroundings and recognized them in a heartbeat...New Earth.

She was in the bathtub Chakotay had made her during their stay on New Earth. After her initial survey and shock had ended, she began to relax. She had had enough dealings with Q to know that he would not let anything happen to her ship in her absence...more than likely the crew would never even know she was gone. He would return her...but when.

The more she thought about it - the more she worried. Q usually had a purpose to his little “side trips” with Captains and other Starfleet personnel. She remembered the time that Q took Captain Picard on a shuttle - the next thing they knew they were encountering the Borg. What a costly side trip that was! But, here, on New Earth, there were no aliens to encounter - just a monkey, some insects, and the occasional storm. What harm could there really be in that? There was nothing here but those things...nothing but...her memories.

She had suppressed them for so long after they left. It was just too painful to think about. She decided that she had put off dealing with them for far too long. Perhaps now, away from the pressures of a starship and crew, might be the perfect time to try and face them. Yes! She would face the memories, deal with them and then determine the best way to move forward.

She relaxed in the hot water. The steaming liquid caressed her body in perfect rhythm as she reclined in the tub. She stretched her legs out and felt the water gently glide over her body - almost a feather like touch that felt like satin being pulled over her skin. As she sunk further into the water - the hot liquid began to work its magic on the taut muscles of her neck. Her first memory took her back to a time when something - or more to the point - someone, else had been relieving the restricted muscles in her neck and shoulders.

She vividly remembered the way he had touched her long silken hair. It was almost as if he were afraid it would break in his hands. Then the magic began…he started massaging the knots, working the tight flesh into a more relaxed state. While his actions were soothing those muscles, it also had also started to elicit tension from a range of other muscles inside of her - that had been tight and restricted long before the neck and shoulders were.

As she continued in her thoughts, those muscles became more aroused. She felt that sensation deep within her start to tingle as it had that night. Involuntarily, her hand went to her breast. She noticed that the level of the water had allowed them to float freely just barely above the surface of the water.

Free - that is what she felt here on New Earth. Free from all of the responsibility of command. Free from the responsibility and restrictions she had placed on herself. Free to enjoy life - each little thing from Talaxian tomato plants to boat trips down the river. Free to think of a life with Chakotay.

What would it have been like had they stayed on New Earth? She was certain that sooner or later they would have chosen to consummate a relationship that had developed to a point that neither of them could deny. Thinking back, she realized that she was the only one that was in denial. He had openly admitted how he felt - even if he did disguise it in the form of an ancient legend.

As her thoughts centered again on that night, her body continued to respond to her thought processes. The heat was no longer coming from the water temperature alone. She had a growing need that begged for release. Her hand continued to gently rub her breast - alternating between the two. As the cold night air reached them, they hardened in response. She momentarily wondered how the water had stayed so warm considering the night air, but immediately chalked it up to Q. She continued her journey. Grabbing her right ankle with both hands, she began to gently massage the muscles in her leg - working her way up to her calf. She repeated the process on the other leg. Upon reaching the top of the calf on her left leg, she allowed her hands to wander to their center. She began to gently massage the area and felt a growing need - not only a physical, but emotional as well.

It wasn’t just the physical sex she had been missing, it was the intimacy. She continued the gentle massage with one hand while the other alternated between her breasts and the flat of her stomach. The coil deep within her tightened quickly as her physical needs had been ignored for far too long. Water splashed out of the tub as she climaxed and then gently rolled over her body as she settled back into the deep water.

In an instant there was a bright light and Chakotay appeared at the other end of the tub. After the initial shock wore off, Janeway started, “Commander....Chakotay - what the he--?”

Chakotay seemed as startled as she had been. “All I know is one minute I’m in my quarters minding my own business, when I hear Q’s voice say, “Someone needs you,” and then I hear that finger snap and here I am.”

He seemed so flustered - Janeway couldn’t help but smile. He was so cute when he was flustered - he hadn’t been privy to many of Q’s pranks before.

“What’s so funny?” Chakotay demanded, but the smile had already crept onto his face as well.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Janeway replied, “You just never struck me as a bathtub kind of a guy” Her statement was followed by a peel of laughter that rang out from deep within her. Chakotay tried to feign indignity; but soon ended up joining her.

After the laughter subsided, Kathryn began, “One thing I know about Q - his pranks generally have a purpose; and, until we meet that purpose, we won’t be going back to Voyager.”

“Well, he did say that someone needed me. I’m guessing since I’m here in this bathtub, out of all the bathtubs in the galaxy, it must be you.” Chakotay replied, the smile starting to form on his face again. “So would you like to share with me what it is you need, Kathryn?

The smile that had been forming on her face suddenly turned serious. “What do you think I need, Chakotay?” She asked.

“Permission to speak freely?” He asked.

She quirked the corner of her mouth up, “I hardly think I’m in any position to deny you that liberty, Commander. Please do.”

“I think you need to let the walls down and let someone in. You’ve been alone for far too long. It’s not even just the physical aspect,” he explained as he let his hand gently caress her leg. “It’s the closeness – the intimacy; that, I think, is what you miss and need the most.”

Her voice was barely above a whisper, “How could you know that?”

His arm reached out to lift her chin up to look in his eyes, “Let’s just say I know you, Kathryn.” Chakotay offered his face now serious as well.

“I just feel as though I’m keeping my emotions tightly in check in a self-constructed prison that is hidden within the depths of my soul…as deep as the ocean. I feel so alone, Chakotay.”

“As long as I am here, Kathryn; I promise - you will never be alone.” Without taking his eyes off of her, he reached into the warm water and took her left foot and placed it on his chest. He began to gently caress her foot and slowly moving his hands up her leg just as she had done only minutes earlier.

He slowly worked his way up her leg to her calf - watching her face go from a relaxed expression to one of passion and need. After gently massaging the calf, he reached in the water and pulled the right foot up and placed it firmly on the other side of his chest. Again, he repeated the same process on the other leg. This action had pulled Kathryn further into the water - which caused her chest to rise just above the water level and reflect in the moonlight. As Chakotay enjoyed the beautiful sight and the feel of her firm muscles under his touch, he could only mutter, “Oh, Kathryn - my sweet Kathryn.”

After he completed the massage, he moved her legs down on either side of his; and, taking her hands, he pulled her up so she was sitting squarely on his lap. Their lips met - tentative at first; but passion took over and they claimed each other hungrily. Chakotay’s hands cupped her breasts while she massaged his back and ran her fingers through his hair. Kathryn mentally told herself she was doing this to get back to her ship, but then quickly stopped that line of thinking. Feeling the beautiful sensations streaming throughout her entire body - a throaty chuckle escaped as she admitted that she was doing this because she had wanted it for so long and it felt absolutely wonderful to be sharing this closeness with someone she admired and…loved!

Chakotay moved his hands to her hair - it felt as warm and silky as it had the very first time she had allowed him to touch it here on New Earth. It smelled wonderful too - just a hint of vanilla. Ironically, he always thought it should smell of strawberries, but decided, at this point, it really didn’t matter what it smelled like. He just reveled in the fact that he was close enough to enjoy the fragrance.

Sensing her growing need, along with his own - he reached under her arms - gently lifting her. He slowly lowered her until she was settled fully on his erect member. The sensation caused Kathryn to cry out as her body adjusted to the welcome intruder. His mouth sought hers and his tongue gently licked her lips requesting entrance. A small moan of pleasure escaped her as her mouth opened to his probing tongue. As the kiss intensified, she began to move against him and they began a gentle rocking motion. As the pace quickened, Kathryn broke free from the kiss and threw her head back. This allowed Chakotay access to the hollow of her throat and the valley between her breasts - which he explored fully, tasting and teasing every inch of her creamy flesh.

The water began to splash out of the tub violently now as the couple quickened their movements to a frenzied pace. Kathryn could feel the walls she had been hiding behind come crumbling down in large pieces. As they fell away into the deep abyss, she felt herself start to swim out of the darkness that had surrounded her and kept her from feeling a friend – or lovers – touch for so long. Her emotions, now freed from their prison, careened throughout her veins awakening the sleeping nerves. She felt nothing but Chakotay moving against and within her as the last remnants of rational thought left her in a cry that emanated from deep within her, “Chakotay!”

Chakotay was right behind her as they broke through the surface, exploding as a geyser would erupting from deep under the water to create a beautiful and powerful picture, just as nature intended. The view from these new found heights was mesmerizing and beautiful as well. Kathryn fell into Chakotay’s embrace as the emotions began to subside.

She smiled, kissed him, and said, “Thank you for supplying my needs once again. It was beautiful.”

“Just as you are, my dear Kathryn,” he replied as they reclined in each others arms.

They stayed that way for several minutes, just letting the warm waters gently stir around them as neither wanted to break the special bond they had just shared. Before her thoughts became too analytical again, Kathryn’s shimmering blue eyes sought to bring her gaze to rest on his dark obsidian eyes once again. She thought about the old saying that opposites attract and knew that while they were very different, he was exactly what she needed. “Do you always keep your promises, Chakotay?”

His hand moved from its resting place at the small of her back and stroked her face in a gentle caress. His eyes never wavered as he firmly replied, “Always, Kathryn; always.”

Another snap and a bright light and Kathryn and Chakotay found themselves lying on the bed in Kathryn’s quarters. Several tense moments passed as Chakotay quietly held his breath as he awaited her reaction. Would she accept the friendship and love he offered or would she turn him away again? Kathryn leaned up and kissed him, “Well, this may be complicated; but I want you to stay tonight. We’ll work the rest out later.”

Chakotay smiled in return and snuggled back under the covers taking Kathryn in his arms. Just before she drifted off to sleep, she looked up at the stars and whispered, “Thank you, Q.”

She was asleep before she heard Q softly respond, “Well, it was Chuckles you wanted all along...You’re welcome, Kathy.”

The End