In Her Majesty's Secret Service

By Shakayla
Rating: MA Adult material. If you are underage, you should go read another story.
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, but they definitely have more fun in my imagination!
Summary: This story is entirely (hopefully) from Joseph's POV about his service to his Queen. (but who knows what subsequent chapters may bring! LOL)

Thanks to Susan (RevSue) for her fantastic beta work!

In Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Joseph laid on his bed exhausted from his efforts over the past few hours. He smiled, though, as he thought what a good, no good didn’t describe it, superb exhaustion it was. No one would ever know that under that poised, calm exterior lay a tigress with an insatiable appetite. He probably knew her better than anyone else ever had; and even he had been surprised by the passion that she possessed. “Still waters run deep, old man.” He chuckled as he spoke out loud to only himself.

He pulled himself out of bed, convinced that he really should shower. Morning would be here before he knew it; and he would rather have a few extra moments of sleep in the morning than catching them now.

He dropped the black silk robe he had been wearing…she had told him she adored him in black… and let it pool around him on the floor. As he stepped into the shower, he thought it ironic that all of this had started when he had mentioned to her that she ‘had been wearing black for far too long.” Yet, she commented often how much she enjoyed the sight of him in black.

The warm water cascaded over his lean, muscular body. He had always taken decent care of his body; but had taken extra care of it over the past five years. He felt she deserved that as part of his service to her. As he turned to let the spray hit his back, he cringed a bit from the stinging sensation resulting from the water coming into contact with the marks she had left with her nails only an hour or so ago. The quick flash of pain was quickly replaced with a warm feeling of pleasure as he thought back to the other places her long, beautiful nails had graced.

Deciding that this line of thinking would not aid in his sleeping, he quickly turned the temperature cold to stifle any feelings (or body parts) that might be arising and hastened to finish his shower.

Feeling refreshed and clean, he made his way back to his bedroom. He rewarded himself with a quick slug of whiskey which he hoped would calm him enough to sleep tonight. As his still warm body hit the cool sheets, he thought back to the events that led him to where he was tonight…

Five years ago in San Francisco

He had just finished dancing with Mia…well, attempting to dance with the Princess. She was still learning; but she had her grandmother’s skills – they just weren’t developed yet. She was coming along nicely, though. The Queen excused Mia, who took off in a flash, leaving only the two of them in the eerie silence of the grand room. She had thanked him for working with Mia and removed her glasses. It had been an innocent gesture, but Joseph found he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. There was such sadness in her eyes since the death of King Rupert and, most recently, her son. She had hidden behind a black exterior of clothing that thwarted anyone who would try to lighten her burden; and stifled any attempts she might have made on her own to dispel this cloak of despair that was her constant companion.

He decided he would take a gamble and reach out to her. Being with Mia and feeling hope that she may indeed continue the Renaldi rule over Genovia had given Clarisse a little glimmer that things may begin to turn around for her. He decided to capitalize on this small thread of hope. He moved in…trespassing in her private space. He was so close he could smell the scent that was uniquely her. An aroma he had become quite accustomed to, although he usually wasn’t this close and the sensation was much stronger in this close proximity.

“You’ve been wearing black for far too long…” he quietly spoke the words as he reached in front of her turning the music back on. The sounds of the “Wango” as Mia had termed it now filled the room.

Their eyes were locked for what seemed an eternity; however, Joseph knew it had only been a matter of moments. Not waiting for a verbal response, he took her hand and led her to the middle of the dance floor. The small smile that crossed her face caused him to think that perhaps the small thread he had grasped onto was growing into something a bit stronger.

Their bodies moved in unison as though they had danced this a hundred times before. He tried desperately to control his breathing as she swayed her hips rhythmically to the music. Her right hand was splayed against her stomach as her left hand held his. His right hand was at the small of her back – the placement of which offered him the ability to feel each sway of her hips.

He knew he should be looking at her…well, more aptly, at her face at that point in time, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her front: The gentle swell of her breasts, though partially concealed by her choice of attire, and her hand resting on her stomach. A jolt surged through him as he realized how desperately he wished his hand was resting on her abdomen. He quickly stymied those thoughts as he twirled her out and then back again as required by the elements of the dance. The resulting position did little to ease his pulse and he found himself face to face with the object of his desire. He knew he should release her – should stop staring at her beautiful face – stop all the inappropriate thoughts running through his head…but he couldn’t. All he could do was look into those beautiful, blue eyes and enjoy the closeness he was experiencing. It took a moment for him to register that she was not pulling away.

When he forced his focus outside the thoughts swirling around in his head, he noticed that she had a look of…could it be desire? Their mouths were mere inches apart and he could feel that her breathing had increased to match his.

Neither could speak and Joseph had no idea how long they stood there just holding each other in the most intimate embrace they had shared up to this point. He unconsciously licked his lips wishing that he had words to say or the courage to lean in the fraction it would take for their mouths to be touching.

Just as he was about to pull away and thank her for the dance, she leaned in and spoke near his ear in a quiet whisper, “Joseph, may I speak with you privately in my office?” Her breath on his ear and neck was almost his undoing. He tried to put a little distance between their lower halves so that she would not ‘feel’ just how easily he had been affected by such a small gesture.

He decided, though, that he would repay the favor in kind and placing his head in a similar position next to her ear, he whispered in return, “But of course, your Majesty.”

She turned and walked towards her office, fully expecting him to follow. He complied. Once in her office, she shut the doors and walked over to stand at the side of her desk. He moved to stand in front of her. He provided her with a little more space, but was still dangerously close. He continued to stare into her eyes – his own filled with love and desire that he was finding harder and harder to hide. He waited for her to speak.

She seemed to be having a battle within herself…deciding whether the Queen or Clarisse, the woman, should win out. It seemed to take an eternity before she spoke. She spoke so softly that he had to lean in to hear what she was saying.

Her eyes remained closed as she spoke. “Joseph – I want…no, I need. I feel so alone. I can’t promise you anything…” she let the words hang in the air…desperately hoping he would understand their meaning.

He turned and walked away from her…although he didn’t see her, he felt her composure slipping. But, he could sense her heart pause as he stopped in front of the door and turned the lock, preventing any interruptions from the outside world.

When he turned back around and began to close the distance once again, her eyes spoke her thanks for his discretion and for taking care of details she had forgotten in her haste to get them into her office.

He took his position once more in front of her, but much closer this time. His body was only inches from hers and he could feel the warmth emanating from their closeness. He placed his hands on her upper arms and leaned in. He felt her heart stop again as she was certain he was going to kiss her. Instead, though, his breath was on her ear as he whispered, “Are you sure, your Majesty? If this is your desire, then I will be honored to be of service.”

He pulled back to his original position and waited. She took the long scarf that was around her neck and lifted it from its resting place. She looped it around Joseph’s neck and used it to pull him to her until their bodies were touching. He touched her cheek mimicking the intimate gesture that she reserved just for him. His thumb grazed over her lips causing her to emit a small sigh of pleasure. Closing her eyes, she felt more than saw him coming in for their first kiss.

His lips tentatively sought hers. He wanted to make sure this is what she wanted. Sensing no resistance, he increased the pressure. A moan arose from deep within him as he realized her lips were as soft as he had always imagined. Her arms moved from the scarf to circle his neck and his hands took a possessive position on her upper and lower back. He could feel the swell of her breasts that he had admired earlier; their softness a pleasant contract to the sharp planes of his muscular chest.

He finally broke the kiss and pulled back to again give her an opportunity to change her mind about the course of events that was about to take place. He heard a slight whimper from her at the loss of contact. He touched her now slightly swollen lips again and watched as a slight blush crept into the paleness of her fair skin.

He held up a finger indicating that she should wait one moment. He walked over to the CD player and pressed play. The music of Sarah McLachlan filled the room:

“spend all your time waiting

for that second chance

for a break that would make it okay

there's always one reason

to feel not good enough

and it's hard at the end of the day

I need some distraction

oh beautiful release

memory seeps from my veins

let me be empty

and weightless and maybe

I'll find some peace tonight”

As the music began, he walked to where she was standing. Placing a kiss on her forehead, he turned her around so her back was up against his chest. He couldn’t resist – his arm circled her waist, resting his hand against her abdomen and pulling her close as they began to sway together to the music.

Her hands rested on the sides of his leg as she leaned against him. His mouth found the sweet spot on her neck below her ear and he was rewarded with a sigh, “Oh, Joseph…”

She moved her head to allow him more access to the sensitive skin on her neck. He placed feather-light kisses all along her neckline, promising that no freckle would go unkissed.

“in the arms of an angel

fly away from here

from this dark cold hotel room

and the endlessness that you fear

you are pulled from the wreckage

of your silent reverie

you're in the arms of the angel

may you find some comfort there”

“Will you be my angel, Joseph?” she asked him in response to the words of the song. “Will you pull me from the wreckage that is now my life?”

He stilled his kisses and pulled her even closer to feel the strength and love he offered. “Just trust me…we’ll find a way…together.” He chuckled a bit as he offered, “I’m no angel, but I can offer some distraction and beautiful release…that I promise you, your Majesty.”

To prove his point, he separated them a bit and pulled the zipper of her dress down until he could easily push it off her shoulders and onto the floor. His breath caught as he took in the sight: The black satin of her undergarments created an entirely different effect than the black dress. It was her turn to chuckle now as she heard his gasp. She turned her head to look back at him, “I take it you don’t mind if I continue to wear this black, do you?”

His arms went around her again. This time, though, his hands sought the satiny fabric that held breasts captive. He was more than pleased as he felt her nipples respond to his touch. “Ahhh…Joseph…whether you are an angel or not…this is heavenly.”

He continued to apply pressure to the sensitive area through the fabric, enjoying the soft sounds that were emitting from her sweet lips as his mouth continued its assault on her neck, shoulders and back. Her arms went up to circle around his neck. The action pushed her breasts even further into his hands.

She moved one hand to reach between them and felt his growing erection. “Your Majesty…please don’t do that. I won’t be able to control things if you don’t stop.”

“I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to think…I just want to feel.” She turned in his embrace and crushed her mouth onto his. The restraint he had shown earlier was gone as his tongue demanded entrance into her mouth. His hands cupped her buttocks and pulled her close showing her exactly what affect she was having on him.

She pulled away enough to undo the buttons on his shirt. Her nails grazing the highly sensitive skin she found underneath. Once she undid the belt buckle and started on the zipper, he grabbed her hands and stilled them. “I promised you sweet release and I intend to fulfill that promise.”

She pouted somewhat as he turned her back around and began to place kisses down her beautiful back, his hands continuing to caress her sides. “Joseph, please.”

“I want to make sure you’re ready, my love.”

She grabbed one of his hands and pulled it around to her front. She guided his hand past the garter belt, below the waistband of her panties to her curls. As she guided his hand, he felt her warm, moist heat. “Oh…” was all he could manage to say.

A sharp intake of breath on his first contact with her center was her only response for a moment. Finally, she found words, “You do this to me, Joseph – JUST from looking at me. Do you understand? You don’t even have to touch me…just a look and I become wet and wanting.”

Her legs involuntarily spread and her arms went to the edge of her desk as he began to circle the sensitive nub. Her breathing had increased and she could no longer speak. One hand continued to alternately tease the sensitive tips of her breasts while his mouth sucked gently on her neck and ear. All of her attention, though, was focused on his right hand as he moved it in slow circles against her womanhood. He dipped into her juices before resuming his ministrations. He was establishing a rhythm that was quickly sending her to the edge. Before she attained release, he withdrew. She cried out in frustration, “Joseph!”

“Trust me. I promise it will be worth the wait.” Hanging her head in frustration, she waited for his next move. She heard his zipper and the rustling of clothes, and then felt her own panties being lowered to the floor. The cool air hitting her warm center was almost enough to send her to the edge again.

Joseph trailed his hands up her smooth legs as he worked his way back up her body. He placed kisses on the backs of her knees, thighs and derriere while his hands caressed the front. His hands continued upwards and released the clasp of her bra. She moved her hands from the desk long enough to allow the garment to fall to the floor. The only clothing that now remained was her garter, stockings and her heels. She started to kick them off. “No – leave them on, please. It creates quite a visual stimulant to see you like this.”

She gave no further thought to her shoes as she felt his erection pressing against her entrance. His hand circled around to her front to caress her slick folds. He entered her in one quick thrust causing her to cry out in pleasure. He waited as he felt her body adjust to the intrusion. One hand continued to gently caress her as the other placed light touches on her back.

“Are you alright?”

Her deep breaths and a nod of her head was her only response.

His hands came down to her hips as he began to thrust slowly in and out. Her tightness and the way she was quietly moaning were making it difficult for him to control his actions; but, he held on. He was determined to make this something she had never experienced before in her life and leave her wanting more of something that only he could give her.

He let the sensations build, but right before she toppled over the edge he stopped and removed his member from her body. He smiled as she turned her head back to look at him, “Joseph, if this is your idea of some kind of joke…I do not find it funny.”

He turned her around to face him. “I want to be able to look into those beautiful eyes the first time I give you that sweet release. There can be no other way.” To emphasize his point, he pulled her into an embrace placing kisses on her eye lids and then reclaiming her mouth again.

He lifted her gently to perch on the edge of the desk. She leaned back putting her arms behind her for support. He placed his hands between her legs on the desk and then spread them apart so her legs were now draped over his arms. He entered her again. This time he was able to see the look of pure ecstasy as it crossed her face before she dropped her head back in sensual abandon. He began a rhythm that was meant solely for pure pleasure. He would alternate between long, slow strokes followed by quick thrusts. Her whimpers and cries of pleasure told him that he was stoking the fire that had lain quiet in her for years.

As the fire continued to build, her cries began to crescendo. As the flames erupted within her, Joseph leaned down to catch her verbal release in his kiss. Even as far gone as he was, he knew that the walls of her office were not thick enough to preclude others from hearing and trying to rush to their Queen’s rescue.

His action brought her around enough to realize that she must be quiet as well. She broke the kiss and whispered in a husky voice, “Release my legs, Joseph. I want to feel you close to me.”

He gently lowered her legs and she wrapped them around his lower half while her arms did the same to his neck. He began thrusting again, but this time with a different cadence as both were near their release.

Her body began to jerk involuntarily as the first evidence of climax overtook her. Feeling her response, he allowed his release to come as well.


“My Queen!”

They remained motionless as the waves of desire subsided, their foreheads resting against the other. Finally he spoke, “Was her Majesty pleased with my service?”

The smile on her face was all the answer he needed, “Oh yes, dear Joseph. As a matter of fact, it would please her Majesty very much if the service were repeated on occasion…if you would be willing, that is?” She cupped his cheek with her hand as she asked.

Kneeling in front of her position still on the edge of the desk, he placed gentle kisses on her knees as his hands stroked the fabric of her hose. “It would be my honor, your Majesty.”

She became serious as she came down from the desk to kneel in front of him. “We could not let anyone know, Joseph. I’m sorry – but there’s no other way…right now, at least.” She gazed into his eyes hoping that she would find understanding for her situation.

He took her hand and kissed it. “I will be in her Majesty’s secret service. No one else shall know until you deem the time right or decide that my service should end.”

“I can’t imagine ever wanting this to end. Thank you, Joseph.”

“Thank you for allowing me to be of service, your Majesty.”



“Don’t you think that, considering what just happened between us, you should call me Clarisse?”

“No, your Majesty. Not until I can bring our love out of the shadows and secrecy. When that time comes, then I shall call you Clarisse.”

He smiled as he remembered the look on her face as he made that statement. It was the first of many times she had asked him to call her by her first name; but each time he had refused.

He relaxed back into the sheets as he remembered the next time she had summoned him for service…

To be continued