In Her Majesty's Secret Service

By Shakyala
Summary: This is a story from Joseph's POV regarding a special service he provided to his Queen.
Rating: MA Adult material. If you are underage, you should go read another story.
Disclaimer: The owners of these characters would NEVER allow them the fun that I do, and I do it all for FREE!!

Amazing Beta who keeps my commas and tenses straight (and other occasional errors): RevSue!!!!

Chapter 2: Perfect in Pink

Joseph allowed his thoughts to drift back to the next time she had requested his presence for service. It was the day after Princess Mia had her royal makeover. He had just finished his coffee in the kitchen when Charlotte had found him. She handed him a note from the Queen. He thanked her and made his way to the garage to get the limo to pick up the girls. He inhaled the soft rose scent that infused her stationery – it reminded him of the way she had smelled that afternoon in her office when he kissed her behind her ear.

He opened the note to reveal her invitation:

“Joseph, I am feeling the need to celebrate Paulo’s success with Amelia. Please meet me in my suite after you return from dropping her off at school. Until then….C”

He had decided not to get ahead of himself. Perhaps she just wanted to have tea or something similar; but he held out hope that she might want more from their time alone together. He thought about it all the way to pick up Mia. He wasn’t sure how Clarisse would keep Charlotte occupied for their private time as she usually kept Her Majesty quite busy. He was confident, however, that Clarisse would work something out.

He became distracted, though, as he watched the tears slip down Mia’s cheek. He opted not to say anything in the car as Miss Lilly continued to object to the Princess’ new hair, makeup and purse. Upon arrival at the school, he tried to reassure her and promised to pick her up as soon as school was finished.

His thoughts were still on Mia as he entered the consulate. Charlotte interrupted his thoughts advising him that the Queen would see him now in her suite to review the security plan for Princess Mia in the upcoming weeks before the Independence Day Ball. He thanked Charlotte and made his way to Her Majesty’s suite, smiling as he went. What a beautiful cover she had planned. They would be able to be alone for awhile with a perfectly good excuse. He secretly hoped that she didn’t really want to discuss security plans!

He knocked on her door and waited for permission to enter. Upon entering, he saw her sitting at the desk reviewing some papers.

“You wished to see me, Your Majesty?”

She stood and turned toward him. His breath caught in his throat as he admired the soft pink dress clinging perfectly to her body. Although he couldn’t tell what the material was, he imagined that it was soft; not quite as soft as the body it concealed, but soft nonetheless. The long string of pearls rested comfortably on the swell of her breasts and he found himself fighting hard to keep his emotions in check. Keeping his feelings hidden would be more difficult than he had imagined.

“Are you alright, Joseph? Is everything alright with Amelia?” The concern was evident on her face.

He cleared his throat and fought to regain his composure before answering. He decided to wait until later to speak with the Queen about Miss Lilly and her reaction to the “new” Mia. “Everything is fine, your Majesty.”

“Doesn’t Amelia look absolutely beautiful?” The smile and her happiness about the makeover were clearly displayed on her face.

He decided he wanted to see if this meeting was to be about business or pleasure. He closed the distance between them until he was standing mere inches away from her. He tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear as he spoke, “Yes, she looks beautiful; but not quite as stunning as her Grandmother.” He let his hand caress her neck as he finished with her hair. After just a moment, he removed his hand and stepped back; he wanted to let her know that the next move was up to her.

A blush had crept up to her face. She laughed nervously, “Somehow I doubt that, Joseph. Perhaps you should see the doctor to have your eyes checked.”

His face remained serious as he looked into those beautiful blue orbs. “I could. However, I’m certain that he, along with every other man in the country, would agree that my vision is perfect and your beauty is unmatched. If I am embarrassing you, your Majesty, however, I will stop.”

He waited while she went through her internal struggle. She was, again, trying to weigh her needs as a woman against her perceived duty as a Queen. He prayed silently that the woman would prevail as he didn’t think he could stay in close proximity to her for much longer without giving in to his desire to touch, smell and taste her.

She didn’t break eye contact with him this time, though, as she waged her battle with herself. He kept his face sincere and his eyes filled with understanding and patience. He wanted nothing more than to perform this service for his Queen – his love; but it had to be her decision.

“Dance with me?”

Her statement had caught him off guard. “Here? Now?”

She shook her head no and turned to walk towards her bedroom suite. As she crossed the threshold into her room, she turned to look back at him. “Are you coming?”

He smiled as he walked toward her, “Well it wouldn’t do for you to dance alone, now would it?” He grabbed something that caught his eye on the desk before following her into the room, closing and locking the door.

She had started the music and he pulled her into his arms. She rested her head on his chest as they swayed gently to the music. This wasn’t about dancing; rather it was her way to break the ice and get into the bedroom without it seeming awkward between them. He smiled as the soft fabric of her dress came in contact with his hand. He had been right – it was soft. His free hand circled her back as they moved in time to the music. After a few moments, he couldn’t resist the temptation and slid his hand lower to cup her cheek and pull her even closer. “Oh your Majesty, you feel so soft…so feminine…so perfect.”

She responded with a soft moan from deep within her soul as he pressed his arousal into her abdomen. He could tell by her response that she definitely wanted him to perform his secret service for her this morning.

He backed away from her slightly and unbuttoned his shirt. He wanted to feel the softness of her dress against his bare skin. Normally, he would definitely prefer that she be undressed long before he was; but this time he had a strong desire to feel the soft cashmere brush up against his now heated flesh.

Once the shirt was on the floor behind him, he closed the gap again. The material caressed his skin and ignited a fire within him just below the surface. He silently wondered if she truly understood the effect she had on him. Her head tilted to the side as he held her close. He took advantage of the opportunity and placed hard kisses all along the exposed skin. He felt her shiver in his embrace and tilt her head back to allow greater access. He continued his assault on her neck as his hands caressed her back and bottom, leading them both into a very excited state. He was already so aroused it was painful and she wasn’t even undressed yet! He pulled back abruptly, “I’m sorry, your Majesty.”

His apology had taken her by surprise. She fought to regain some semblance of control herself before she responded, “Whatever for, Joseph?”

“I didn’t mean to move so quickly.”

She smiled that beautiful smile and turned the corner of her mouth up into a slight quirk, “You didn’t hear me complain, did you?”

His hand caressed her cheek and neck where he could feel her pulse racing just below the surface. “No, but you deserve more than that.” He moved his hands to her back resting at the top of her zipper, “If I may?” he asked before proceeding.

She nodded her approval and he slowly unzipped her dress. He let his hands slip under the soft material as he made his way back to the top. He pulled his hands toward her front which caused the dress to fall to her feet. Whereas last time, she had been clad in all black undergarments, this time she was adorned in a matching pink ensemble.

She blushed under his direct gaze and appeared uncertain. He whispered in her ear, “First, breathtaking in black and now perfect in pink. Is there any color you don’t look good in?”

His compliment relaxed her somewhat. Before she could answer, he interjected, “Please don’t tell me. I’d much rather have the opportunity to decide for myself.”

Her eyes closed as his hands gently caressed her shoulders and arms. “Fair enough. Just please let me know once you’ve decided your favorite as I will need to make sure I have a variety in that color.”

It was his turn to smile now, “Deal. Shall we continue now? I have something I’d like to try. If her Majesty would be willing and trusts me?”

Her eyes opened and stared straight into his, “She trusts you with everything, Joseph. She just asks for your patience as this is certainly not her area of expertise.”

At her admission, he tenderly kissed her, willing her fears and insecurities away. The kiss deepened and he let her take the lead deciding how far the kiss should go. As they continued to kiss, he deftly unfastened her bra and it joined her dress on the floor between them. After a few minutes, her mouth opened and her tongue grazed his lips. He accepted her entrance and let her tease and taste as she pleased. Once he sensed she was relaxed and feeling better about her role in all of this, he began to move her slowly back towards the large four-poster bed. Multiple images of what he could do with his Queen with a few scarves and a bed such as this raced quickly through his mind; but he knew that she wasn’t quite ready for that. In time, perhaps; but not today. He wanted to move slowly with her to make sure she was comfortable with everything that would happen.

He broke the kiss and brushed his thumbs across her now swollen lips. Her eyes remained closed, not wanting to lose the moment. He brushed the back of his hands over the string of pearls that still rested on her breasts. He followed the string all the way down, enjoying the gasp she emitted as the back of his hand grazed her very erect nipples. Once at the bottom of the strand, he lifted it off of her neck. Still holding the pearls, his hands slid down her arms until he held both of her hands. He moved them slightly until her back was against one of the four posts of the bed. He lifted both of her hands until they were above her head and guided them to hold onto the post. He gently began to wind the pearls loosely around her wrists.

Her eyes opened at this movement and found his with a questioning look. “Trust me?” he asked her. She nodded slightly and licked her lips to hide some of her nervousness, then closed her eyes again and let him proceed.

The pearls were more symbolic than restraining as they were just loosely wrapped around her wrists and it would require her simply unlocking her hands and slipping them from under the strand to free herself; but it was designed to allow her to give total control of her body and her pleasure to another…to him. When he had finished, he simply told her, “Keep your eyes closed and just feel.”

He stood watching her for a few moments. She painted quite a picture and one that he was certain would remain etched in his memory forever. Her back was arched slightly to accommodate her raised hands and her chest was rising and falling in a very pronounced manner due to the deep breaths she was taking. Her pink satin panties more closely matched her flushed body and he was certain if he touched them, he would find that they were already wet with her desire. His gaze followed her long legs, which were slightly separated in an effort to keep her balance steady in an unfamiliar position. The matching garter and hose that ended with her high heels completed the erotic image that stood before him.

He moved in closer so that he could feel her breasts against his chest as she breathed in and out. He leaned in and whispered, “Has anyone ever told you how exciting and erotic you are?”

Her response was barely a whisper, “No.”

“Well that’s a shame because I find you to be one of the most exciting and erotic women I have ever met.” He moved back and retrieved the item he had brought in from the other room. It was an old style quill pen that had a large feather as its spine. Her head was slightly tilted to the side of the post and he brushed the feather from her temple, down her cheek and along her neck.

“Oh Joseph…what are…?”

“Shh...just relax your Majesty…remember eyes closed, just enjoy the sensations. Trust me.”

She didn’t reply; but adjusted her stance in an effort to try to be as comfortable as possible. He decided he needed to continue quickly before she changed her mind. He watched her lick her lips. He observed she did that when she was nervous and he fought off the impulse to kiss her soundly at that moment.

The feather continued its path caressing her shoulders, back and finally grazing her breasts. Small goosebumps made their way to the surface everywhere the feather touched, her breathing increased as well. He traced small circles around her nipples and along the underside of her breasts. From what he observed, she seemed to be focusing and enjoying his efforts. He moved lower, careful to avoid her sides and underarms as his intent was not to tickle her. She gasped as the feather touched the inside of her thigh. He smiled as she subtly moved in an effort to draw him to the center of her aching desire. He was certain that she wanted nothing more than for him to touch and relieve some of the pressure building inside of her.

The feather continued down the inside of her leg and then back up the other. Finally she spoke, but only in a strained whisper, “Joseph, please…”

He set the feather aside as he, too, could wait no longer to touch her with his hands. He started with her face. He framed it with his hands and kissed her. She eagerly kissed him back – grateful for his touch. Their tongues dueled in a manner that they both knew the rest of their body would soon mimic. He moved lower, cradling her breasts in his hands, reveling in the feel of their weight resting in his palms. His mouth followed the freckles to taste the treasure he now held in his hands. He enjoyed the feel of her cooled skin against his hot mouth as he took first one nipple, then the other into his mouth. Her moans of pleasure only spurred him on as his hands released their captives and separated. One went upward to clasp her hands and the other moved lower. He lightly caressed her breasts, then her abdomen, then pausing slightly before cupping her satin clad center. She nearly came at his first touch. He massaged her through the satin watching her intently and holding her hands to avoid her accidentally breaking the strand of pearls when she climaxed.

He continued his assault on her womanhood. He fought the urge to slip inside the panties and touch the swollen flesh; he wanted her to know she could climax without him ever having to enter her in any way. Her breathing was coming in quick, short gasps now and her head was tossed back in sensual abandon. Her cries were increasing as she neared the point of no return. Joseph knew no one would be by the private suites at this time of the day so he did nothing to quiet her enjoyment. Her body jerked as she cried out and achieved her release, “Joseph!”

He continued to gently stroke her as she came down from her high. He kissed her gently on the cheek and then removed the pearls. Her hands fell behind her head and provided a cushion as she continued her descent. He then lowered her panties to the floor and helped her remove her garter, hose and shoes. He pulled her into his arms and swept her up into his embrace, carrying her around to the other side of the bed. He lowered her to the bed; and for the first time in a while, she opened her eyes to look directly into his.

He found himself caught in the trance she created with the look of pure desire radiating from her crystal blue eyes. He had never seen a look that intense from her before. He knew that it could bring him or any other man for that matter, to his knees. She finally lowered her eyes from his face to his midsection. It was his turn to lick his lips now as she left no question in her gaze that she wanted him. He decided he would work through the dynamics of their relationship later; right now he wanted nothing more than to be next to her on the bed.

He removed his trousers and boxers and covered her body with his, raining kisses over any area that he could gain access to. Her nails were lightly scraping his back and she was returning his kisses with a passion that she later would admit he had unleashed in her that day. Her body was arching under his indicating her readiness and he decided he was no longer in a mood to be patient. Just as she had admitted their last time together that his looking at her left her wet and wanting, the look she had just given him had made him filled with a desire so strong that he felt if he did not get release soon, he might implode.

He entered her in one swift movement, causing both of them to cry out. Her nails dug into his back as the tension mounted in her body once again. He continued with long, but quick strokes as both were very close. The fire ignited as their passion fanned the flames of desire. She was meeting him stroke for stroke, his head was buried in her shoulder as he fought to keep a steady rhythm. Sensing they were both close, he pushed himself up slightly and forced his eyes open. “Your majesty? Look at me, please. I want to see your beautiful eyes.”

He noted with tremendous effort, she obliged and their eyes locked. That was all he needed to send them both spiraling over the edge. The world shattered around them into tiny fragments – all that existed now was each other. Joseph rolled to the side and collapsed on the bed next to her.

“Do me a favor, your Majesty?” he asked, completely out of breath with his efforts.

“Anything, Joseph.” she replied, equally out of breath.

“When we’re in our official capacity, please don’t look at me the way you did earlier. I fear I might not be able to restrain myself.”

She chuckled and rolled over into his embrace, “I’m not sure exactly what look you are referring to; but I shall try. Now will you do me a favor?”

“Anything, your Majesty.”

“When we are not in our official capacity, please call me Clarisse.”

“Anything, but that, your Majesty. When the time is right, I promise I will.” She was not pleased with his answer; but left it alone until the next time they were alone together.

“So everything went alright with Mia this morning?” she asked, deciding to change the subject.

“I’m afraid Miss Lilly was not pleased with the transformation. She gave her quite a difficult time.”

“Oh that darling Lilly, she’ll come around. I’m sure Amelia will find a way to handle it.”

“I’m certain she will as well. As much as I hate to…”

“I know - duty calls.”

“Well, I don’t know about duty, but I’m certain Charlotte will soon.”

She laughed and kissed him one last time before he left that day. As became tradition, before he left, he turned and asked her, “Was her Majesty pleased with my secret service today?”

She smiled and replied, “She was indeed, dearest Joseph, she was indeed.”


Joseph smiled as the thoughts of that day warmed him. He hadn’t realized it at the time, but that day he had brought to life a side of Clarisse Renaldi that would keep him entranced for years to come…