In Her Majesty's Secret Service

By Shakyala
Summary: This is a story from Joseph's POV regarding a special service he provided to his Queen.
Rating: MA Adult material. If you are underage, you should go read another story.
Disclaimer: The owners of these characters would NEVER allow them the fun that I do, and I do it all for FREE!!

Thanks to my wonderful beta Rev_Sue

Chapter 8: Blown Away

Joseph smiled as he remembered how hard that first summer had been. He and Shades had taken turns guarding Mia in America which had required them to be away for weeks at a time. Once she returned to school, however, Shades would be Mia’s primary guard as he would serve as the Head of Security once she began her reign. Joseph had silently been relieved when logic dictated that he did not have to be away from the palace months at a time. Although, he had to admit, that just because he was away…didn’t mean he and Clarisse didn’t get to play. He remembered his last stint in America before Mia would return to school…it was a very, very hot summer…

Clarisse couldn’t believe how unseasonably hot it was this summer. The weather had been oppressive and Genovia was not accustomed to this unrelenting spike in the heat. The air conditioning in the palace was not equipped to handle it either and the temperature inside the palace walls had been climbing steadily despite the best efforts of the heating and air technicians. She secretly wondered if the technicians were family members of someone in the palace…even though she had warned everyone that nepotism belonged solely in the arts…

In order to help combat the heat, she had requested a floor fan be placed in her bedroom. Parliament sessions had been cut short. The wigs and robes were not conducive to such heat, resulting in tempers flaring. She had chuckled inwardly, though, since she had long held the belief that those sessions were typically filled with hot air from many of the members.

“Good night, Charlotte. Try to stay cool.”

“I will, Your Majesty. You do the same.”

Clarisse stepped inside her suite, feeling the humid air clinging to her already damp skin. She decided a cool shower would help with the heat. Quickly divesting herself of her clothing, she stepped into the shower, allowing the spray of water to bring a reprieve from the stifling heat she had been experiencing all day. The liquid streamed down her warm body bringing cooling relief in its wake. She allowed the worries of the day to swirl away with the water as it found its escape through the drain.

After a few more minutes, she allowed her relaxed mind to drift to thoughts of Joseph. He had been gone for almost three weeks this time and she found that she missed him more and more each time he went away. She knew she was being selfish; the Queen needed to ensure Amelia’s safety, and no one was better at that than Joseph. However, Clarisse missed his company – his touch – his kiss.

Realizing this line of thinking would do nothing to prepare her for sleep; she hastily turned off the shower and grabbed her towel. She felt the cool breeze from the fan as she stepped into her bedroom. She noted that her bed was turned down which indicated her ladies’ maids had been there and left for the evening. Realizing it was still rather warm in her room, she moved so she was standing directly in front of the fan. She looked around quickly to make sure no one was there and then opened her towel to allow the air unrestricted access to her body.

The air from the fan felt delicious on her wet skin. The water still clinging to her body was slowly being evaporated in the cool breeze. She felt her body begin to tingle from the sensations and, biting her bottom lip a bit, she glanced nervously around one last time before letting her towel drop to the floor. She felt gloriously reckless as she turned slowly in front of the fan, letting the entire surface of her skin feel the cooling touch of the fan.

She adjusted the fan so it was sitting at the foot of her bed and then climbed in. She felt much like the vixen Joseph had called her on numerous occasions as she allowed the soft caressing of the breeze to continue. She stopped long enough to reach into the nightstand next to her bed to retrieve the black t-shirt that Joseph had given her before his first trip to America this summer.

She inhaled the familiar scent and caressed her cheek with the soft material. It had become a ritual between them…the night before he would leave, he would always deliver a package to her that would contain a black t-shirt that was freshly washed and scented with his cologne. She felt somewhat childish; but she found herself sleeping with it every night when he was away somehow made him feel closer.

The sensitivity of her body, the smell of Joseph and the thoughts of him led her to do something she had never done before…she began to smooth her hands over her body imagining it was him touching her. She allowed her hands to gently brush across her lips, closing her eyes to allow her mind to focus solely on feeling. Her hands journeyed lower to graze over her breasts seeking to relieve the aching that had begun at their tips. She tentatively touched one tip and then the other, remembering how Joseph would always tease her a bit. She rolled the taut buds between her fingers and thumbs, eliciting a small moan from the back of her throat.

Her hands continued to lightly brush along the skin of her stomach. She noted, with some disappointment, the slight roundness of her stomach that had been brought on by her years and too much time spent behind a desk. She smiled, though, as she thought of him saying she was just right as he would lay his head on her stomach after loving her thoroughly with his mouth. That spurred her mind to relive some fairly recent memories of when he had done just that. She had been timid the first time his mouth had sought to bring her pleasure; but he was a master musician and she had come to enjoy – even crave - the sweet torment his tongue could give her.

Her legs separated as the throbbing between her legs grew more insistent; and she gasped as the cool air invaded her dampness. It created a strange contrast - rather than the heat from Joseph’s mouth, she felt the cool kiss of the breeze. Even though they were different; both created the familiar heat that emanated from deep within her core.

One hand returned to caress her breast while the other slipped lower. She hesitated as her fingers came into contact with her curls. She wanted…no NEEDED to feel Joseph’s touch; but his touch was unavailable. She licked her lips (she knew Joseph always teased her about this when she was having one of her ‘internal struggles’, as he had labeled them.) And, thanks to his patience and gentle pushing, she had grown quite accustomed to exploring this side of her personality. But this was different…on her own, she had never been this adventurous…this bold…

She closed her eyes tighter as she tried to decide what was more important…her self-imposed propriety…or the needs that were continuing to make themselves known each time the oscillation of the fan caused the breeze to glide over her body in tandem with her own hands creating a heat wave of its own that originated from within.

She took a deep breath in an effort to calm her slightly jumbled nerves. In doing so, her senses were infused with Joseph’s scent from the t-shirt still lying close to her head. As she exhaled, there was only one name that would be whispered from her lips, “Oh Joseph…”

Feeling his presence guiding her, she allowed her hand to slip past the curls into the silky folds. “Ooohh…” slipped out of her lips unbidden at her first real touch from her own hand. Her fingers began to tentatively stroke the sensitive flesh, seeking out the spots that elicited stronger responses from her body.

Joseph had been a good teacher as she quickly found a rhythm that started the warm feeling that had been centered only at her core to begin to spread throughout her entire body. Her legs spread further as her back arched slightly; her other hand firmly gripping Joseph’s shirt. She felt the cool breeze continue to whisper softly through her growing haze as it caressed her hot, swollen flesh. She felt her body beginning to tense as the coil tightened, reeling all of her nerve endings to the area now centered under her exploring fingers.

She grew more brazen as she began to operate on pure emotion. Her fingers sought out the moisture hidden in her canal and drew from the well to coat her highly aroused sex. She felt herself drowning in the feel of the warm, silken flesh as her fingers continued their assault. Her other hand had found its way back to her breast and was pulling and teasing the taut nipples as her body began to writhe involuntarily on the bed. All coherent thought was quickly being lost as she moved herself closer and closer to the brink.

Then she heard something…it took a moment for her clouded mind to sort out what it was…it sounded like…the “Wango”…well, that’s what Mia had called it anyway…At first she thought it was just her mind bringing pleasant memories with Joseph to the forefront…however it was insistent and she stopped moving. It was the phone! Not just any phone…but the cell phone Joseph had given her before he left for America this time. He told her he would use it to call so they could have private conversations at night without any worries about someone picking up on her phone line by accident.

A blush covered her entire body feeling she had just been caught in the act by her parents. She pulled the sheet to cover herself and hastily picked up the phone, “Uh…hello.”

“Clarisse? Are you alright?” Joseph asked, the concern evident in his voice; she sounded out of breath and nervous.

She took a deep breath, willing her body to calm down so she could have a coherent conversation with him, “Yes, darling. I’m fine. The heat is just getting to me, I’m afraid.” She paused for a few moments, “And I’m missing you terribly…when are you due back again?”

Joseph wasn’t fooled for a minute…he often thought he knew her better than he knew himself. “Soon, darling…just a few more days. Clarisse?”


“Where are you?”

“Ummm…well…I’m…” she took a deep breath, “I’m in bed.” There she had said it. She could almost feel his smile through the phone when she heard his next question.

“You weren’t sleeping, were you?”

The response came out before she could stop it, “Hardly….”

His grin was full as he asked the next question, “So what were you doing then? You sound rather out of breath….”

The flush that had been decorating her porcelain skin now burned a bright crimson, “I…I…” She honestly didn’t know what to say. She could only let out a long sigh.

His voice was soft and husky as he spoke, “It’s alright, Clarisse. I miss you too. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself…it’s perfectly natural.”

She didn’t think it was possible to feel more embarrassed than she did right then, “But…I…how could you possibly know?”

His voice continued in a smoothing manner, “Because I’ve done it myself. Three weeks is a long time to be away from ‘mi zorra’…I’m only human, you know?”

His gentle, non-accusing manner relieved some of her embarrassment and she began to focus on the sound of his voice, “Well, the ‘zorra’ misses you as well.”

He sensed that she was letting her guard down…just a bit, “So what are you wearing?”

The flush came back in full force, “Ummm, I…it is very hot here, Joseph!”

Now it was his turn to feel his body respond. “Oh, God, Clarisse – are you naked?” His voice was thick with desire as he imagined her naked in her bed, pleasing herself.

“Joseph! Please! Can’t we change the subject?” She was feeling rather warm again…both internally and externally as this conversation continued.

He sensed an opportunity and wanted to see if she would go along with it, “Do you still have the earpiece I gave you?”

The perceived quick change of subject left her confused, “Of course, why?”

“Put it in.”

“But, Joseph…”

“Clarisse, please – trust me.”

He was using that tone on her again…the one that would cause her to willingly give up everything she had just to look into those beautiful dark eyes of his and see the love she knew he felt for her, “Alright…give me a moment.”

She fumbled with the earpiece until it fit comfortably in place and then switched the phone over to allow her to set it aside and use only the small device in her ear to communicate with him, “It's in. Can you hear me?”

“Yes, darling. Can you hear me?”

“Yes. So what was so important that you couldn’t tell me without the earpiece?” she asked teasingly.

Her breath caught as she heard his deep, sexy voice respond, “I wanted your hands free so I could guide them to please you as only I can.”

She felt the temperature rise several degrees in the room at his words and suddenly the light sheet felt like an unbearable presence on her newly heated flesh. Her response was thick with need and desire, “Oh…Joseph…”

“Close your eyes and picture me next to you on the bed…can you see me?”

She licked her lips as she complied. A small smile crept onto her face as she saw him next to her clad only in silk, black boxers. “Mmm…yes – you are here with me.”

“Yes, I am.

Now as I talk you through this, I want you to use your hands as I describe what I would be doing. Are you with me?”

Her breathing was deep now as she was getting lost in the sound of his voice and the thrumming of her body, “I am most definitely with you, my dear.”

He took a deep breath now and began to weave her tale of ecstasy… “I would start by touching your face…running my fingers gently over your forehead and down your cheek to those beautiful, luscious lips. Gently caressing them as they are slightly swollen from a rather ardent kiss we just shared.”

Her hands followed the path as he directed, touching her lips gently, she could almost feel the lingering effects of his kiss. He could hear her breath quicken slightly as she complied. He continued… “I would continue to gently stroke your lips, listening for all of the wonderful sounds you make as you begin to become aroused.”

Her fingers continued to move over her lips…with each stroke she felt herself sink deeper and deeper into the fantasy…into a world where only she and Joseph existed. Her fingers…his fingers creating sensations that sent tendrils of feeling deep into her soul. A small moan escaped in response to those feelings, “Oh Joseph…”

He, too, took a deep breath and then continued, “I would let my fingers trail down the hollow of your throat to the swell of your breasts before my mouth would follow. As I kissed my way down your neck, I would cup your breasts to feel their weight full in my hand.”

She responded by letting both of her hands trail lightly down her neck and over her breasts until each hand had cupped one of her breasts. “Then I would squeeze each one gently, allowing my thumbs to circle around the taut nipple.”

She complied and he was rewarded with a sharp intake of her breath, “Oh Joseph…more please…” She continued to massage her breasts as she awaited his next instructions.

“Of course, you know how I love to tease you and hear you cry out your pleasure…so next I would pinch your nipples…just enough to watch the look of pure pleasure descend over your face.”

In her mind, she was pleased with herself because she had done the same thing earlier when imaging this…she, too, was beginning to know her lover as well as herself. She followed his guiding and allowed her response to be unrestrained…so he could imagine her face, “Ahhh…yes!” The ‘yes’ hissed through her teeth as the pleasure mixed with the slight pain induced from her efforts.

“Oh Clarisse…I can see your face…you are so absolutely beautiful!” His words were barely more than a whisper in her ear…but it served as all the encouragement she needed to continue.

“Remove the sheet, my darling. I want to see every inch of your beautiful skin as my hands pay homage to the rest of your body.”

She quickly wondered how he knew that she was under a sheet, but the thought was fleeting as the thin sheen of perspiration that had caused the sheet to become an uncomfortable intrusion in her fantasy was quickly moved away.

Again the whisper, “You are mesmerizing, my love. I caress the sensitive skin under your breasts before I open my hands to move slowly down to the area where you crave my touch. Can you feel the warmth of my hands as I move lower?”

“Oh yes…yes, I can. Please, Joseph…”

He knew she wanted to move her hands…his hands lower to bring her the release she craved; but he wasn’t ready to give her that…not yet.

“Not yet, my love; you know I would make you wait, wouldn’t I?”

Her hands were tracing small circles on her abdomen…waiting for his voice to guide them lower; but she knew he was right, he would never let her off that easy. She sighed, “Yes…yes you would make me wait…”

He smiled into his phone, he could so picture the look on her face and wished he could be there to kiss away her frustrations; but, he was a man on a mission…so he continued, “I want you to spread your legs for me and bend your knees…so you can reach the upper portion of your legs.”

She hesitated slightly, opening her eyes…”Joseph…I…” She suddenly felt very self-conscious.

“Please…for me…it will be worth it…I promise. You’ll be blown away…Just imagine me kneeling in between your legs…my mouth descending to kiss your full breasts…my hands on your outer thighs, caressing them, relaxing them…preparing them for what is to come next.”

She closed her eyes and rejoined him in the fantasy. She pictured his lean, tone body coming to rest between her thighs – his mouth descending to kiss her and then suckle on her breasts. She moved her hands to where his would be as they gently massaged the tense muscles to bring her to a relaxed state before tightening the coil of muscles that would lead to her sweet release.

He knew she was with him again as he heard her breathing increase and the soft moans of pleasure as she imagined him lavishing attention to her distended nipples. “Then I would kiss my way down your body as my hands moved to your inner thighs to relax them and encourage you to open wide to prepare for my hands and mouth to play sweet music on my instrument.”

Her hands had quickly moved to her inner thighs as she knew they were getting close. Her breathing became more rapid and shallow as the tension began to build in her body, “Oh yes…that feels so wonderful, Joseph…”

“Then I would finally let my fingers graze the area where your body had been silently begging for my touch since we began…running my fingers through your soft curls that are now damp with your desire.”

“Oh god…oh yes…” she whispered as her fingers found the warmth once again.

Joseph was having trouble finding his voice now. The mental image she was creating in his mind was having a physical reaction on him as well. He knew Clarisse was continuing to arouse herself as he could hear her breath starting to come in small pants. He struggled to keep control over his body until he could allow her to finish. He took a deep breath and spoke, “I know you’re close, my love; but I want you to slow down.”

Her voice was pleading, “No…Joseph, please…I’m almost there.”

“Soon, love…soon. My hands are slowing. My desire is to bring you to the very heights of pleasure. I’ve moved so that now I can place sweet kisses on the inside of your thighs. My fingers gently separate your curls – admiring that small bud of desire just waiting to trigger your climax. I gently blow cool air on that small bundle of nerves…creating a different stimuli which sends shockwaves through your aroused body.”

She took a few deep breaths trying to calm her body enough to follow what he was saying. Her fingers were now trembling with barely constrained desire as she exposed the tiny bundle of nerves to the breeze from the fan. He was right; of course, the change from friction and heat to cool breeze sent her body spiraling towards the edge of sanity. Her body arched and a guttural moan escaped from deep within her soul.

Joseph thought his heart would stop beating as he heard her primal cry. He was beginning to think that this was the most intense sexual experience he had ever had…and, technically, he wasn’t even there. He wiped the sweat from his brow and tried to breathe; but his burgeoning erection would not be denied any longer.

Her voice was the first to break through the connection, “Oh god, Joseph, please…let’s finish this…”

“Yes. Yes. Let’s finish. I’m thrusting inside of you NOW, Clarisse.”

His reply sounded strange even to his own ears as rational thought was disappearing quickly. He quickly removed the clothing that was preventing him from achieving release. His hand sought his own throbbing hardness and he quickly fell into a steady rhythm that matched the one she was creating on her end.

Clarisse’s fingers were moving in and out of her own body at a frantic pace, circling her sex and driving her further and further to the brink – Joseph’s hand slid skillfully up and down his shaft as his soul joined hers in a realm where only fantasy existed.

As if on cue, both careened over the edge of the cliff together - Clarisse shouting his name as her body bucked wildly under her own touch, Joseph crying out her name as his release was granted along with hers. Other than the mutual shouting of the other’s name, all that could be heard over the phone line was the heavy breathing of satisfied lovers.



“You were right…”

“About what, love?”

“I was definitely…blown away!”