In Her Majesty's Secret Service

By Shakyala
Summary: This is a story from Joseph's POV regarding a special service he provided to his Queen.
Rating: MA Adult material. If you are underage, you should go read another story.
Disclaimer: The owners of these characters would NEVER allow them the fun that I do, and I do it all for FREE!!

A few words of thanks...first to my friend, "T" for providing the idea of the wine and the "male" perspective on to leetah47 for letting me use her famous line..."Sleep is for the weak!! and last, but not revsue for being such a wonderful beta!

And without further ado...

Chapter 9: Homecoming

Joseph smiled as he recalled that night. It had been, by far, the most intense sexual experience they had shared…and with an ocean and great expanse of land separating them, that was saying something!

That night had served as a welcome break in a long absence – even though they had not been able to be together physically for several weeks, the connection they had shared that warm, summer night had only served to further strengthen the emotional bond they shared. That, however, had been of little comfort as they found it harder and harder to find time to be together even in the secret and shadows.

Shades had contracted a terrible bout of the flu at Thanksgiving, which required Joseph to return to America with Mia. He would be gone about a month and would not be returning until just before Christmas for her winter break. He and Clarisse had taken a drive the evening before he left in an effort to have a private moment for their goodbyes. It wouldn’t be more than a few stolen moments, however, as political matters were pressing that required the Queen’s personal attention…

The drive had started in a companionable silence but quickly drifted to each occupant being lost in his or her own thoughts about what could be said to ease the pain of yet another good bye, “You will let me know how Shades is doing, won’t you?” Joseph asked, making an attempt at conversation.

She pulled herself from her thoughts to look at him, “Yes, of course. I can call you as soon as anything changes in his condition.”

He opted to lighten the mood, “Hmmm and where will you be when you call me?”

Not understanding where he was going with his question, “I beg your pardon, Joseph. What do you mean?”

He pulled over at a scenic viewing area and parked the car before turning towards her. He gently moved her over so she was sitting next to him, one arm around her, the other resting comfortably on her thigh. His words were nothing more than a whisper spoken very close to her ear. “I was just wondering if, perhaps, the heat stopped working…you might get very cold and need to call me to help you warm up.”

He felt her body flush and her pulse increase rapidly. She turned her face so she could look directly into his obsidian eyes, “I’m afraid that would require more than a phone call; but we may have to settle for that. It’s been entirely too long, Joseph. I miss the feel of your lips against mine…your body molding perfectly to mine as it covers and joins with me.” She took the hand resting on her thigh and pulled it up to cover her breast; he could feel her heart beating erratically under his touch, “I miss your hands and the pleasure they bring,” she smiled, “and I fear your instrument is in desperate need of tuning…and now, thanks to Shades, it will be at least another month before I can feel the music coursing through my body to orchestrate our beautiful symphony of love.”

His heart melted at her words. He worked diligently to find ways for them to be together…but between mentoring Mia and running the country, there was little time for personal matters for his Queen. He would have to find a way…but until then, he knew what he could do now to alleviate some of her…shall we say…discomfort. “It’s not Shades’ fault, my love…but you are right about one thing, it has been far too long for you. Let me pleasure you, Clarisse. I’m afraid time will only allow a quick tuning; but I promise it will be memorable.”

He watched her battle her inner self…he found it odd, that after almost a year of lessons in love from his secret service, that she still would need to decide if she should allow herself to meet the basest of needs. He decided to give Clarisse, the woman, a tactical advantage. He moved the hand that still covered her breast so that his thumb could circle and brush against her nipple. The touch was effective as he felt her bud harden under his ministrations and he was rewarded with a low moan originating from deep within her soul, “Oh Joseph…please – please stop the fire burning inside of me before it completely consumes me!” Her plea was nothing more than a strangled whisper born of a need stronger than any logic or reasoning.

He needed no further prompting as his mouth covered her; his hand moved from her breast to seek refuge in the warm depths hidden beneath her skirt. They both gasped as his fingers encountered her damp curls, “God, Clarisse…you don’t have anything on under that skirt?!”

Her forehead rested against his and she smiled as she fought for oxygen, “Thought it might save time...”

He wasted no further time on words as his tongue and fingers simultaneously plunged into the respective warm caverns of her waiting and willing body. There was nothing gentle about his touch; but he sensed that this was exactly what she needed. The way her body moved under his touch and the primal sounds slipping from her covered mouth told him he had been right. His fingers continued to mirror the movement of his tongue, plunging in and out simulating the act of lovemaking.

Her hips thrust into his hand, desperately seeking release. Her hands circled his neck and held his mouth fiercely against hers. He could feel her chest heaving against his as his body was pressed as close as possible within the confines of the front seat of his car. Her skirt had continued to ride up, which allowed her more freedom to move. Her legs spread further apart; a silent invocation for him to finish what he had started. He took full advantage of the gift and slid an additional finger into her depths. He was rewarded with a thrust of her hips and her mouth tearing away from his to release a moan, “Oh Joseph – please!!”

His fingers thrust in and out of her as he watched the abandon course throughout her body as she gave it over to the sensations she so desperately craved. When his thumb circled the tiny bud, her orgasm soared through her body with the equivalent force of a tidal wave. He gently caressed her until she started to drift down a bit from her high. Before she drifted too far, though, he began a steady rhythm with his hand…in – out – circle, in – out – circle…her eyes widened as she felt the coil within her tighten dangerously again. She moved her hand to stop his, but be grabbed it and held it steady, “Give me your other hand,” he commanded.

She forced the word out between her gasps for air, “What?”

“Put your other hand in mine…now Clarisse!” His voice carried an air of authority that sent pleasant shivers down her spine…she quickly complied.

He raised their joined hands so that they lay on the headrest behind her. The movement thrust her breasts close to his waiting mouth. His teeth grazed an erect nipple as his hand resumed the maddening rhythm. He noticed that she tried to keep her gaze focused on him and his efforts; but quickly gave up and threw her head back to immerse herself in the sea of ecstasy he was creating. He allowed her that luxury for a few minutes as his efforts continued to build; but then in one defining moment, his teeth nipped down harder on the sensitive tip as his fingers plunged deep within her core. Her body bolted off the seat as her cries of release resounded throughout the interior of the vehicle.

Continuing to move his hand, but in a softer caress, he moved back some to watch the beautiful sight before him. Her arms were still draped behind her and her head was thrown back, revealing the long delicate line of her neck. He longed to place a love bite on that beautiful flesh, to mark her as his…but knew that could not take place. Her garments were often revealing enough, that someone else could see…and that would NOT be considered acceptable for a Queen…no matter what his desires.

Her chest was heaving with the effort to draw in enough oxygen to soothe the frayed nerve endings that had been ignited in the heat of passion. Her taut nipples strained against the fabric of her blouse, begging to be released from their confines. Her long, beautiful legs still quivered in the aftershocks of her climax and she had made no attempt to close them, seemingly content to have him continue to caress her saturated curls.

The unrelenting passage of time forced him to bring an end to their rather explosive session together. He reluctantly withdrew his hand; but allowed himself the small pleasure of tasting her juices in a slow, deliberate manner. His eyes were closed as he feasted on her essence. He slowly drew each finger in and out of his mouth, almost in the same manner that he had been stroking her only moments before.

He sensed some movement, but kept his eyes closed as he wanted to prolong this encounter just a few moments longer. His eyes flew open, however, when he felt her hands move to his belt, “Clarisse – No!!”

Startled, she jerked back quickly, “Joseph...I…I just want to return the gift you’ve given me.”

His features softened some and he leaned in to gently kiss her, “I know, love, but there isn’t time for that right now…and, besides, when you do give me that gift…I want to be in a much more suitable environment and position to enjoy it fully.”

Her lips quirked into a sly grin, “I don’t know, Joseph…I found the front seat of the car to be a highly suitable environment for enjoyment.”

He chuckled and pulled her in again for a kiss…she tried to deepen the kiss, but he pulled back with a look of regret.

“I know,” she offered, “we have to go…but, Joseph?”

“Yes, my love.”

“You are going to have a homecoming like you’ve never experienced when you return to me in four weeks.”

He felt himself grow impossibly harder as she fixed that look of pure desire in his direction. His voice was nothing more than a whisper as he responded, “I shall hurry home to you then, my love.”

“See that you do, my dearest Joseph…see that you do.” She kissed him one final time and then retrieved from her purse some moist towelettes and a fresh pair of panties. As she began to clean herself, he offered to help.

“Oh I think you’ve done quite enough. Besides, if you start touching me again, we may never get back on time!” She laughed.

He lifted his hands in a gesture of surrender and started the car. He began the drive back to the palace, but continued to steal sideways glances at the creamy expanse of her legs that were still exposed as she continued to freshen up. ‘It’s a cold shower for you, old man…lots of cold showers over the next few weeks…’ he thought.

**4 weeks later**

Joseph was annoyed. He was actually more than annoyed…he was frustrated. The weather in America had been less than cooperative – the Princess had been late – and their flight had been delayed for hours upon hours. The only thing that helped him stay calm was the thought of Clarisse’s promise of a homecoming like he had never experienced before. The thought of her hot, warm mouth covering him…he forced himself to take a deep, calming breaths…they were still hours away from Genovia and the Princess was only a few feet away. He did NOT want to have to explain or try to hide evidence of his desire.

When they finally pulled into the Palace a few minutes after two a.m., Charlotte greeted them, “Welcome home Princess, Joe. We’re glad you arrived safely.”

Mia hugged Charlotte and then sleepily replied, “Me too, Charlotte. I’m going to bed. See you much later today.”

“Good night, Princess.”

Charlotte noticed Joseph looking around, “I’m sorry, Joe. She retired early tonight indicating she had a terrible headache and asked not to be disturbed.” She hated delivering the news as she knew he would be crushed. She, herself, had been surprised that the Queen had not waited up.

Joseph tried to put on a brave front, “Just as well, Charlotte, I’m exhausted. It’s been a very long day.” He patted her on the arm and made his way to his suite.

It was dark when he entered his suite; but he did not turn on any lights as his head was still pounding and he knew his way around without the aid of illumination. He quickly shed his clothes and climbed into bed – this was definitely NOT the way he had played this evening out in his head. He took a deep breath and exhaled, willing his body to relax and allow sleep to come. He mentally shook himself; he wanted her so badly he could almost swear that he could smell the soft scent of her perfume. Wanting to feel closer to her, he turned on his side and let his arm move across to “her” side of the bed. His hand encountered smooth satin, but it was not his sheets; but rather the warm, soft feel of flesh.

“Mmm – Joseph…” was the sound that arose deep from the recesses of sleep.

His hand froze in place…surely he must be dreaming. The warmth radiating under the palm of his hand worked hard to convince him that this was real. He decided to venture further…if this was a dream, it was a very pleasant one and he didn’t want it to stop. He brushed against the satin covered mound that, instinctively, seemed to swell to fit perfectly into his hand.

“Welcome home, Joseph.” Her words were just above a whisper as her hand came to rest on his.


“Yes – or is there another woman that usually occupies your bed?” She teased.

“Only you, my Queen – only you…I thought you had a headache?”

She turned on her side so her mouth was scant millimeters away from his, “Oh I have an ache; but I fear it is nowhere near my head. And, I’m afraid, that only you can cure what ails me.” Her lips met with hungrily with his – her tongue demanding entrance.

He needed no further invitation as his arms sought to pull her further into his embrace; his physical needs far outweighing the fatigue he was experiencing earlier. Their hands sought to reacquaint themselves with the other’s body – legs intertwined as they sought to be as close as humanly possible.

Clarisse pushed away, smiling as she lowered the blankets. “I’d like to give you that homecoming I promised you – if you are not too tired.”

“Sleep is for the weak and I am feeling anything but weak right now, my love.” His eyes never left her body as his hand went to the lamp on the nightstand. One slight touch brought a faint illumination to the room. His breath caught in his chest as he saw her kneeling beside him – a look of raw need in her eyes. Her chest was rising and falling with the quickness of her breath and the leopard printed satin provided a fitting covering for her creamy breasts.

Her hand cupped his cheek and then slowly blazed a heated path down his chest until it reached his manhood. Her nails lightly scraped along the surface – he saw the delight in her face at the involuntary response his member provided. Her hand encircled it and she watched with fascination as it grew within her grasp.

“Clarisse, please…it’s been too long…I won’t be able to wait…” His voice sounded strangled as he fought to get the words out as she continued to stroke him.

“I have no intention of making you wait, love. We need to take care of this…” she emphasized exactly what she meant with a gentle squeeze of her hand causing his hips to thrust against her grip, “and then I can give you the homecoming I promised.”

Without any further preamble, she sat back on her haunches and moved one leg to position herself over his now erect member. In one swift movement, she lowered herself to a straddling position over his body resulting in her accepting his entire length into her hot, slick canal. The mutual cries of, “Yesssss!” resounded throughout the room.

For a few brief moments, they just reveled in the sensations from their joining…the only sound in the room now was their slightly labored breathing. Joseph opened his eyes as he felt Clarisse shift slightly to lean forward, her nails grazing over his chest. Placing her hands on his chest for leverage, she rose up and then back down…setting a cadence designed for pleasure.

Joseph closed his eyes, focusing on the feel of her silken heat and the friction she was creating. His hands were on her thighs, feeling their rise and fall from her efforts. Unwilling to be a stationary participant any longer, he began counter thrusting to her movements. The additional force sent shards of electricity through both of their bodies, originating from the point of contact.

Feeling the need for better leverage, Joseph separated his legs and bent his knees slightly behind her so he could use the bed as a counterpoint to aid in his thrusting. He witnessed immediately the effect the increased stimuli had on Clarisse; her head dropped momentarily as the sensations washed anew over her body and her breathing increased. She did not allow him this upper hand for long though. She pushed against his chest in an effort to raise her upper body. He stopped for a moment, thinking she was uncomfortable and wanting to allow her the chance to adjust in whatever way necessary to ensure her comfort, “Are you alright, love?”

Her efforts completed, she was still straddling him; however, she was now leaning back against his slightly raised legs. Exhaling slowly, she placed her hands on either side of their joined bodies on the bed. The action caused her back to arch and thrust her chest forward, closer to his burning gaze. The sight of her body so beautifully displayed caused him to harden further and renew his efforts to bring them both pleasure.

He watched with intensity as her body absorbed the impact of their lovemaking – her head thrown back with abandon, her breasts moving in response to his sliding in and out of her body, her hands gripping the bed sheets as her nerves wound tighter and tighter, yearning for release. It all became too much for him, “Clarisse…I…can’t…wait much longer….”

He felt her squeeze his member with her internal muscles and that sent him over the edge, “Clarisse!” She continued to ride him through his orgasm. As he started to come down from the high, he felt her shift so she was now kneeling over him, placing gentle kisses on his forehead.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t wait…” he offered.

“It’s alright, love…you had waited long enough. Besides, I’m certain you’ll make it up to me later?” She teased.

His hand moved from her cheek and followed the same trail hers had earlier. He gently rolled the taut nipple between his fingers eliciting a moan from her. Her voice was husky as she admonished him, “No fair…besides, you need to save that for later – I still have your surprise to give you.”

He was surprised, “There’s more? This was…amazing…what more could I want?”

She leaned down to kiss him fully on the lips. They both started to get carried away in the kiss when she broke the contact, “I’ll be right back.”

Breathing heavily once again, he could only reply, “I’ll be here.”

A few moments later, she emerged from the bathroom with a warm washcloth and towel. She lovingly cleaned away the evidence of their earlier coupling and placed a towel under his lower half. Finished with her task, she found his gaze and smiling asked, “I’m going to have a glass of wine. Would you like some?”

He chuckled, “Clarisse, darling…it’s after three a.m. do you really think a glass of wine is appropriate?”

He could see the twinkle in her eye, “Suit yourself.” She picked up the bottle of wine that had been resting on his dresser and removed the cork, “This bottle is from my personal wine collection and was a gift from a dear friend of mine. He made it himself in his vineyard. I’m told it has aged to the point of perfection.”

She poured a small amount of the wine into the delicate glass waiting to accept its precious liquid. She swirled it and raised the glass to gently inhale its scent. Completing the final step, she took a small amount in her mouth and swirled it around coating her entire pallet. Her eyes closed in delight as she savored the experience. Satisfied, she opened her eyes and offered, “I’m told that this is made without any preservatives. It has a full-bodied taste with a hint of oak that it picked up from the barrels it was aged in.”

She definitely had his interest piqued regarding her intentions with the wine, “Sounds delightful…”

She gave an exaggerated sigh, “But…if you’re not interested...”

A grin spread across his face, “Well, I’m willing to try anything…once.”

She poured a full glass of wine for herself before climbing back into bed, “Well that is certainly a good thing to know about you. I’m glad I got you to change your mind.”

His hand caressed her thigh, “I’m certain there is very little you could not get me to do for you, Clarisse.”

She blushed at his compliment and then took a long, slow drink. She set the glass on the nightstand, within her reach, and then leaned down and began to kiss him again. He could lightly taste the wine from her lips; but when her tongue sought refuge in the warm depths of his mouth, the flavor became very strong. Through the kiss, he murmured, “Mmm…”

She broke the kiss and took another, smaller sip of wine. This time she moved lower to cover a nipple with her mouth. She held the wine in her mouth as her tongue swirled around the taut flesh. Joseph groaned as he experienced the heat from her touch and the slightly cooler temperature of the wine. There was a slight tingling sensation being created from the wine as well. She moved to pay homage to the other side and repeated her ministrations. She let a small bit trickle out of her mouth and then quickly used her tongue to catch the escaping liquid. Joseph’s hands thread into her hair at the back of her head, “That feels soooo good…”

She kissed her way down to his waist and then stopped for another sip of wine. She carefully let some of the liquid escape into his naval. He responded with a sharp intake of breath as the cool liquid came into contact his heated flesh. His body temperature rose even further as she moved between his legs and then lowered her head until it was close enough for her tongue to snake out and lap up the wine she had placed there only moments before. Her breasts were brushing dangerously close to his erection and it was responding in kind as well.

Her hands gently caressed his manhood, nails raking across the silky skin that was growing tighter under her loving touch. She placed a gentle kiss along the side. While Joseph had hoped that the cool, wet kisses would lessen the fire that was beginning to rage again, however, it only served to fuel it to new heights.

She rose and leaned across him to retrieve the wine glass…he knew what was coming next – the thought of her mouth surrounding his manhood was almost more than he could take. He breathed a silent prayer of relief that she had relieved some of his tension earlier…otherwise this homecoming gift would have been over before it started!

With another sip, she filled her mouth, but did not swallow. She lowered her lips onto the tip of his erection; his hands bunched in the sheets as every nerve ending in his body was focused on the feel of her soft lips against his hardness. He felt himself harden even further…a subconscious attempt by his body to push his member ever closer to the waiting warmth of her mouth. He felt her lips start to descend…his blood was pulsing, muscles tightening as all of the fantasies of the past month…of practically a lifetime started to become reality.

As she continued her descent, Joseph fought to hold still as the sensations coursed through his body…he wondered if this rivaled the feelings she had when he was performing this gift for her…he made a mental note to bring it up for discussion sometime in the very near future. His line of thinking soon dissipated as the wine began to work its magic. The warmth of his body and her mouth heightened the acidity of the wine causing a delightful tingling effect everywhere the liquid touched.

She slowly began to make her way back up the shaft – still keeping a tight suction. Joseph fought to think of something…ANYTHING…that would take his mind off of the stimuli being directed towards him by the Queen of his heart, body and soul. A mental review of the security updates he wanted to make at the palace helped somewhat; but the fatigue of his long journey back to Genovia made it harder than usual for him to focus.

The feel of the cool air on his pulsing member brought his focus back. He lifted his head slightly and chuckled, “Are you trying to kill your head of security, love?”

She flashed him a brilliant smile and then took another sip of wine, this time quickly engulfing him and settling into a rhythm that was designed for pure, unadulterated pleasure. His head fell back to the pillows and a moan tore from the back of his throat, “God…yes…she’s trying to kill me.”

His hips tightened in response to the handiwork of her mouth and the hand that she had just added to her ministrations. Her hand worked him in the opposite direction of her mouth, keeping the tight friction at a constant. As the cool wine in her mouth bathed his flesh, his hips began to move under her. He felt her other hand press gently on his leg in an effort to still his movements. His plea was a bit hoarser this time, “Please…Clarisse…I can’t…”

She gently pulled back, but let a small amount of the wine trickle down his shaft. Her tongue made quick work of lapping up the escaped wine…taking a few extra moments to pay special attention to the underside of the plumy head. His breathing was coming shallow and quick now as every nerve ending was on fire. She raked one nail down the pulsating organ and followed to love him one final time with her mouth, her palm cupping him and gently squeezing. She felt his hand lift her head, “Enough…Clarisse…I want you NOW!”

She allowed her hold on him to be released and placing one final kiss, she rose up on her knees. She started to straddle him again, but he quickly sat up and moved quickly off of the bed. She turned around quickly, “Joseph? What are you…aaaahh!” She cried out as she felt herself being pulled towards the edge of the bed.

Having lined her bottom up at the edge, he wrapped his hands around her thighs and buried himself deep within her. He established no rhythm – this was about quenching the fire that she stoked that now raged deep within him. Flesh met with flesh again and again as he pounded into her – their mutual cries of pleasure serving to bring the volcano to eruption. Finally, their worlds exploded as the molten lava made its way from their souls – through their veins and into the atmosphere as they cried out the only name that would form on their engulfed lips…



Clarisse’s legs fell limply to hang over the edge of the bed as Joseph’s body fell to rest comfortably against her upper body. Her hands softly caressing his back as she placed gentle kisses on the top of his head, “Welcome home, my love.”

“Home is here in your arms, my love. There is no other place I would ever want to be. That was, indeed, a homecoming I shall never forget.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Her breathing had returned to normal and she was enjoying the feel of Joseph’s weight against her…he was right...they had found their home – their security, in each other’s arms. She felt him move to get up, “Please don’t go…I’ve missed you so much. I want to hold you in my arms.”

Joseph smiled as he took the cloth and wiped away some, but not all, evidence of their joining. He then helped her to move back a bit from the edge and placed the towel under her lower half, “I believe you offered me some wine, did you not? I am definitely in the mood to taste some for myself.”

He climbed onto the bed and situated himself between her legs. He poured himself a glass of the wine and slowly drained half of the contents. He caught her gaze, “You were right, darling, this is simply divine. I think, however, it needs a little something else…”

Before she knew what was coming, he separated her curls with one hand and poured the wine over her still swollen sex. The cool liquid caused her to jerk slightly but his mouth quickly covered her and began mimicking her actions of earlier. She felt the vibrations as he said, “Mmm…” as his tongue began to lap up the unique mixture of their combined juices now mingled with the wine.

Within moments she was moving under him, “Joseph…please…oh…mmm…feels so good…have missed this…” He found the clasp of her bra nestled safely between her breasts and released them from the satin that held them captive replacing it quickly with his hands. His tongue continued tasting as his fingers pinched and squeezed the highly sensitive buds. He felt the tell-tale twitching of her legs as she neared her climax. Her body convulsed as she cried out, “YES! My love!”

Joseph moved to cover her body and although it was too soon to join with her again, his mouth covered hers allowing her to taste the unique blend he had been sampling. Their tongues danced to an ancient song that only they could hear as their bodies sought to be as close as possible – enjoying the feel of skin against skin.

At long last, their heart rates and movements slowed to a gentler pace as the lovers nestled close to each other. Finally, Joseph spoke quietly, “Someday you’ll have to tell me where you learned that from?”

He felt her smile into his chest, “Do you really want to know? If you’ll recall, I’ve never asked you where you acquired your…umm…shall we call them…skills?”

He smiled back and kissed the top of her head, “Touché, my love…however, I must admit that you inspire me to want to hone my skills until I become a master musician with you – the most precious of instruments.”

She raised her head enough to kiss him, “And you inspire me. Please believe me when I say that it has never been as wonderful as it is when I’m with you. I’ve never felt the peace, the wonder, the desire that I feel when I am in your arms – I feel truly at home.”

He returned her kiss before turning her so she was spooned up against his chest. Before they drifted off to a well deserved sleep, he pulled her even closer and put a protective arm around her and whispered, “Welcome home, my Queen…welcome home.”