In Her Majesty's Secret Service

By Shakyala
Summary: This is a story from Joseph's POV regarding a special service he provided to his Queen.
Rating: MA Adult material. If you are underage, you should go read another story.
Disclaimer: The owners of these characters would NEVER allow them the fun that I do, and I do it all for FREE!!

Thanks, as always, to RevSue for her beta work - couldn't do this without her!! *grin*
Also, thanks and credit to datsue for one of the quotes you will find in here!

Chapter 10: How do I love thee…

Joseph got out of bed and walked to the bathroom…a cold splash of water to the face helped calm the responses of his body from his memories. They had created so many wonderful memories over the past few years. There had been fewer than he would have liked, but between trips to America to see Mia, guarding his Queen, and dealing with all the chaos that comes from running a country, he and Clarisse had found precious few moments to get away. They had made good use of their forest hideaway, stealing away whenever they could for some private time together. They would make love and then lie in each others’ arms, their passion spent, while they talked about what their future together might be like. They spun their own fantasy world that was perfect just for the two of them.

Speaking of memories, they had certainly created some just a few hours ago. He had returned early this morning from America with Princess Mia. She had graduated from college earlier this week and they arrived just in time to celebrate her 21st birthday this evening. A grand ball had been planned in her honor; but before the ball, Joseph had had a little private celebration with Clarisse.

“Joseph, Amelia! Welcome home!” Clarisse met them with a warm embrace as they arrived.

“It’s good to be here, Grandma.” Amelia spun around taking in the beautiful ballroom that was being decorated in her honor. “So what time is the party?”

“In about eight hours, dear; there’s much to be done before then, however. Please see Charlotte for the list of all the things I need you to do before you start to get ready…and Amelia?”

Mia smiled at her Grandmother as she was in full Queen mode, “Yes, Grandmother.”

“Please…don’t be late!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it!” She laughed as she went off in search of Charlotte.

Clarisse turned her attention towards Joseph, “Will I see you later, Joseph?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“I have some things that I must attend to first, your Majesty. However, I may require your assistance a bit later before the ball…if you can clear your schedule, that is?”

“I shall check with Charlotte and see if I can be available in the next couple of hours. Will that be suitable?”

He raised her hand to kiss it gently on the back, “That would be most acceptable.”

“And, Joseph?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Don’t be late.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, madam.” He accepted her hand on his cheek as he bowed slightly and then went off to take care of the details for their rendezvous.

A couple of hours later, he walked into her office, “Excuse me, your Majesty?”

Clarisse looked up from the papers she had been reviewing. She smiled in anticipation, “Yes, Joseph?”

“I was wondering if you might accompany on my rounds. I am making an extensive sweep in preparation for the ball tonight and would like to point out a few areas that I would like to step up the security measures – just as a precaution.”

Her smile broadened…she could smell his ruse a mile away, “Well, if it will ensure Amelia’s safety, I think we can’t be too careful. Charlotte, will my schedule allow some time to honor Joseph’s request?”

Charlotte fought to keep a straight face and was grateful that she was the only one to witness this exchange; because anyone could see the sparks of electricity radiating between the two of them as they played out their deception, “Of course, your Majesty…I can clear your schedule up until the point you need to be in your suite getting ready for the ball. Do you think two hours will be sufficient?” She coughed to cover her laughter.

Clarisse tore her gaze away from Joseph to ensure that her assistant was alright. Once Charlotte had composed herself, Clarisse asked, “Joseph? Will that provide enough time?”

“That will be cutting it close, but I shall make every effort to return you in time.”

“Very well, then. Charlotte, I’ll see you in a few hours. If anyone needs me, could you please take care of it until I return as I want to ensure that Joseph has all the support he needs with regards to the security and safety of Amelia.” Clarisse stood and allowed Joseph to lead her quickly to the door.

“Understood…and, your Majesty?” There was a twinkle in Charlotte’s eyes as she watched Clarisse let out a small sigh as her escape was thwarted.

But when she turned around, she was the picture of patience and grace, “Yes, Charlotte?”

“Please don’t be late.”

Clarisse laughed as she heard her instructions to Mia repeated to herself. She held her head high and smiled as she answered, “I certainly shall try not to be; however, I’m confident they won’t start without me.”

Laughter erupted in the room; Clarisse and Joseph took their leave and Charlotte quietly said as they left, “You kids have fun…”

^^ ^^

Once out of earshot, Clarisse asked Joseph quietly, “So what are we really going to do?”

He laughed, “Well, I am taking you to a fairly remote part of the castle which probably could use some more security, but that discussion should only take about five minutes. I figure after that we can use the remaining time to take distinct advantage of the lack of security in that part of the palace. Sound like a good plan?”

She threaded her arm through his to allow him to escort her, “Indeed!”

They climbed several flights of stairs up a spire at the end of one wing of the castle. It only took several minutes; but their impatience made the journey seem much longer. Clarisse joked, “So how much of my two hours am I going to have to allow for the return trip?”

He turned and pressed her body up against the wall, feeling her softness invade his hard contours. His lips found her neck and nuzzled the place he affectionately referred to as her sweet spot…named as such, because when he kissed her there…the sweetest sounds escaped from her lips. This time was no exception…her head bent slightly to allow him greater access and her arms went around him to pull him even closer.

Clarisse felt the tingling spread all over her body, starting from the point Joseph’s lips made contact with her neck…all the way to the tip of her toes. Her hands smoothed over his back and arms…anything to increase their contact. “Mmm…oh yes…feels…amazing…”

After he had covered her neck with kisses, he whispered in her ear, “Still concerned about the time?”

Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the sensations that had awakened again at his touch, “Mmm…don’t even care what year it is right now…only want to know how long until we reach wherever it is we’re going…”

He smiled against her cheek, “We’re here…” He opened a seemingly non-existent door into a small, dark room.

Clarisse allowed herself a moment to let her eyes adjust…and although she could make out some shadows that she assumed represented a few chairs and such, she could not see much else. “I love what you’ve done with the place…” she teased.

He guided her to the middle of the room and helped her take her jacket off, “The room seems much brighter now that you’re here.”

He was standing behind her and she was leaning against him, reveling in the strong support and warmth his body was offering. She leaned her head back and murmured, “So do you have any specific plans…or are we ‘winging’ it, as Mia would say?”

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in her soft scent. He whispered in her ear, “How do I love thee? Let me name the ways…” He ran his fingers through her hair, feeling the silky softness. He tucked a strand behind her ear, as he had seen her do often, “I love how your hair smells and feels of rose petals that are the finest satin. How you tuck the supposed errant strands behind your ear…even though the only time your hair is ever out of place is while we are making love.”

She could feel slight tingles descending down her body as his hands ran through her hair. Somehow she found her voice, “I do believe, my dear, that the quote is…’let me count the ways’”

His breath was hot on her neck and his voice was that deep, sexy timbre that he reserved only for her, “I know exactly what the quote is…but I intend to name all the little things that just make me love you more and more each time I am with you.”

The shivers ran all the way down her spine and goose bumps arose on her flesh, even though it was warm in the room. Her voice was barely a whisper as she replied, “Far be it from me to stop you then…please continue.”

She could feel his smile on her neck and then his fingertips were gently caressing her closed eyelids with a feather light touch. “I could get lost in the beauty of your eyes…their pure, blue depths cast a spell over me each time I hold your gaze. I could spend a lifetime just admiring their beauty.”

His fingers continued their journey…both of their eyes were closed, so there was only the sense of touch and every nerve ending was focused on the gentle caresses that were slowing stoking the fires of passion that they both knew would shortly erupt.

The pads of his fingers gently grazed over her lips, which parted slightly in response. “I could spend hours speaking of nothing but your full, beautiful lips. They are soft and sensuous…yet capable of defeating your opponents with your eloquent words and certainly making me weak in the knees when they touch any part of me. I love how you lick them when you’re nervous and how they soften as I’m kissing you. Did you know that certain pheromones are released when you kiss someone? And that someone can actually become addicted to those chemicals?” His lips feathered over hers before his tongue traced the same path, “Mmm… yes…I’m definitely addicted,” he whispered before he deepened the kiss.

Joseph fingers framed her face as he pulled her in even further to his kiss. Their passion ignited quickly…soft moans and murmurs filling the small room. Their mouths melded as they hungrily sought the now familiar connection. Breathless, Joseph finally pulled back and rested his forehead on hers, “Well…apparently I needed a fix as that was not part of the initial plan.”

She smiled, her reply somewhat breathless as well, “Feel free to deviate from your plan any time you like, love.”

He resumed his position behind her. His arms encircled her and his hands traced along the curve of her neck. He spoke huskily in her ear, “I love the gentle curve of your neck.” His fingers rested lightly over her pulse point, “The sweet spot on your neck where I can feel your pulse racing as you grow more and more excited…” In response, her heart rate jumped several beats per minute as his fingers descended to rest on the first button of her blouse.

There was no sound in the room except for the occasional exhaling of breath as the sexual tension grew with each button that was undone. Joseph removed her blouse and moved away for a moment to drape it over the back of a chair and retrieve an item from the table.

Clarisse felt the soft feel of satin cover her eyes, “Joseph?”

“Just a blindfold, my dear … to help you focus only on the sound of my voice and my touch.”

“But, it’s already dark in here…why is this necessary?”

“So you don’t have to worry about keeping your eyes closed … you can just relax and enjoy. Well until quiz time anyway … trust me?”

She started to turn around and ask, “Quiz time?” but Joseph’s hands on her shoulders, kissing her now exposed back, quieted her quickly.

Once he sensed she was again focused on his touch, he let his hands lovingly caress her back. “I love the tiny freckles that adorn your back…I dream of kissing each tiny one some day very soon.” He emphasized his point by placing gentle kisses all over her back. “I love the way I can feel the electricity pass between us while we’re working when I place my hand on the small of your back as I’m escorting you through a crowd.”

“Mmm…yes – it makes me feel safe and very alive at the same time. I can feel the heat from your touch radiating throughout my body as we walk together.” Clarisse answered.

She heard, what she believed to be, him removing his shirt. She didn’t have to wonder long as she felt his sprinkling of chest hair come into contact with her back. Her senses were so attuned to his body that she could even feel his nipples, hard with excitement, pressing into her. His lips were on her shoulders as his hands skimmed down her arms, capturing her fingers with his. He brought one hand to his mouth and gently kissed each finger, “I love the way your fingers grasp the sheets in ecstasy as your pleasure consumes you and the feel of your hands as they caress my back as we lay together in the afterglow of our lovemaking.”

He released her hand and moved his hands around to her front. He deftly unfastened the front closure on her bra and remarked, “I love the way your breasts fit perfectly in my hands…and how you arch your body to push them further into my touch.”

Her body arched, just as he indicated. She knew it was an instinctive reaction, but she couldn’t help herself. She craved his touch…she knew the longer she went with out it, the more she felt like an impulsive, young woman who wanted nothing more than her lover’s touch. The tautness of her nipples matched his, and she moaned as his fingers played over the sensitive skin.

Far too soon, his hands left and journeyed downward. They rested, momentarily, on her abdomen. Before he could speak, she offered, “I can’t imagine what there would be to love about that part of my anatomy…it has softened considerably with age.” He pulled her lower half flush with his body and whispered, “I love how your softness yields perfectly to my body as I press up against you. I love laying my head there, after loving you with my mouth, watching the rise and fall of your chest, feeling the energy slow its journey through your veins as your body relaxes.”

Her breathing was more shallow and pronounced as her excitement grew, “Joseph…please…I need you…I’ve missed you…”

“I love it when you grow impatient, as well. Your pleas for my touch…for me to make love to you…are music to my ears.” He knew that he was growing anxious as well…it had been a long five weeks. He closed his eyes to say a silent prayer of thanks that it was the last time he would have to be away from her for that long. The thought of not seeing her, not being with her each day…was just too painful to even consider.

His hands moved to the button on her slacks. Much to her chagrin, with maddening slowness, he undid the button and unzipped the trousers. Not wanting to waste too much time, though, he hooked his thumb in her undergarment as well and slowly lowered both pieces the floor. She heard him move in front of her and knelt down on one knee so she could have some leverage as she stepped out of her pants and kicked off her shoes. She felt his hands caressing the length of her legs as he returned to a standing position.

“I love how incredibly long and sexy your legs are…the way they allure mere mortal men hoping for even a glimpse at what is hidden beneath your skirt.”

She was slightly taken aback by his comment, “Joseph!”

He chuckled, “It’s true, Clarisse. I can’t tell you how many times I stood across the room gazing at those beautiful legs, very properly tucked at the ankles, fantasizing about how sexy your thighs must be.”

“Oh, Joseph…”

He continued as his hands moved around to cup her bottom, “And the first time I felt them wrapped around me as I made love to you…I realized how wrong my fantasies were.”

Her voice was barely above a whisper, “How so?”

“I had imagined them to be delicate and beautiful…which they are; but they also are very powerful. You can command me with them…when they wrap around me and ask for more…I am helpless but to comply. When they open to invite me into your private sanctum…I am helpless but to comply. That, my love, is power.”

He gave her bottom one last caress before moving to stand beside her. His voice was husky as his fingers began to gently comb through her curls. Her legs separated in response, “For the first question on the quiz…the first time we made love, what did you tell me that I do to you?” He continued to gently stroke her curls...thwarting any attempt by her to bring his touch closer in an effort to release the ache that had been growing steadily since he arrived home this morning.

She fought through the haze in her mind to recall the first time they had made love. It had been in her office…on her desk, no less…after dancing the ‘Wango’ as Mia had termed it. The memories flooded her mind as she vividly remembered the details of that fateful afternoon. She played through the events quickly in her mind…as though on fast forward…until she got to the part Joseph was asking about, “I believe I said… “You do this to me, Joseph – JUST from looking at me. Do you understand? You don’t even have to touch me…just a look and I become wet and wanting.” And,”” she continued, “you will find that nothing has happened to change that.”

At her answer, his fingers delved into her hidden depths and found that she was, as she predicted, wet and definitely wanting…if the moan that escaped from her lips was any indication. “Very good, my love, you got the first question correct. I love that you told me that the first day we were together…and I love that you still react in such a physical way to my look and touch. I think that deserves some recognition.” His fingers began to move in and out of her as his thumb circled the sensitive nub.

He allowed her a few moments of pleasure before he stopped. She was quick to voice her displeasure, “Joseph!”

He smiled, “Next question…”

She uncharacteristically mumbled, “I see that the fact you like to mercilessly tease me hasn’t changed either.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle at her astute observation…he did love to torment her in this manner. “Next question…when was the first time I said to you…on your knees, vixen!?”

She fought valiantly in her mind to focus her thoughts…her first thought was of how she was going to spend every waking hour after tonight to find a way to ‘repay’ Joseph for the teasing he was forcing her to endure right now. Once that decision was made, she sorted through her encounters with Joseph until she settled on the night to which he was inquiring. “I believe that was the night that you decided to become the judge, jury and executioner with regards to my alleged indiscretions during my outing with Amelia.”

“You pled guilty, my dear…that removes the ‘alleged’ from the record. And, as I recall, your punishment was more than fitting for the crime. Although, in retrospect, perhaps I should have given you that spanking we spoke about.” His hand caressed her bottom and playfully smacked it.

Even in the darkness, he could see her smile, “I’m afraid the opportunity has passed…you’ll have to wait until I commit some other transgression before that will be on the table again.”

He took her hand and led her across the room, his other hand at the small her back, “I shall look forward to that then.”

She felt herself being lowered to a cot and her excitement grew…she knew it wouldn’t be long now. Her body literally hummed with anticipation…a moan escaped as she felt something brush across her highly sensitive nipples. “Oh…Joseph…what?”

“That’s the next question, my love. Focus on the feel of it as it traverses your skin…remember the first time you felt it…”

He moved from her breasts to her stomach, along the inner thigh and then back up again. Clarisse closed out everything but the texture of the object as it moved along her body. Her nerve endings seemingly reached out to touch it…feel it…recognize it. Her voice was barely more than a whisper as she said, “The pearls…”

“Yes, love…the pearls. You were so amazing…you displayed such trust…such eroticism…I will never forget how you looked that day…the image is forever burned in my mind…in my soul.”

A rush of adrenaline coursed through her body as the memory of that day flooded into her conscious mind, “I remember…it was very…liberating. It felt like the beginning of…an awakening…”

He took one of her hands and kissed her wrist, wrapping the pearls loosely around only one wrist, “I want you to be able to have freedom of movement tonight…but perhaps another time we can bring the pearls…hmm?”


“Shall we proceed to the next question?”

“I believe I should be duly rewarded for answering the last question right,” she practically purred the suggestion.

She heard him removing his slacks…she was amazed at how attuned her other senses were when her eyesight was not available…she found that she liked that her other senses very quickly compensated for the loss of one. As such, she experienced chills as she felt the heat from his body come near hers, “The next question is…how was I rewarded the first time I whispered your name?” His mouth came near her ear and he whispered, “Clarisse…”

The goose bumps that had arrived at her first excited chill broke out in full force now…she felt a rush of moisture to her already damp center as the memory of that special night affronted her senses. Her legs instinctively separated…just slightly…a subconscious gesture by her body craving Joseph’s touch…

He began kissing his way down her body, asking between kisses, “So…do you…have…an…answer…?” As he arrived at the juncture between her legs, he stopped and lifted his head slightly, waiting for her response.

“Oh please, Joseph…” her legs opened further as an invitation to her innermost sanctum, “…love me as no one else has…”

“Your answer is correct, and it will be my pleasure.” His mouth descended on her womanhood, tasting and caressing…consuming her essence as though it were necessary for his survival.

Her back arched in an effort to bring his mouth even further into contact with her throbbing center. His tongue made long, slow strokes – giving her just enough to drive her mad wanting more. He hummed against her, “Mmm…I do love the way you taste…and the way your body moves when you’re being pleased.”

Her reply was tinged with the frustration that he so loved to hear in her voice, “Enough talk, Joseph…actions speak louder than words…show me you love me with your actions!”

He still had more planned, but decided to give them both a few moments of pure, unadulterated pleasure. She felt his fingers gently separate her folds exposing the center of her need. His skillful tongue flattened on the tiny bud and moved in small circular patterns sending her pulse rate skyrocketing as electricity surged to every nerve ending resulting in a tingling all over her body. Her hands went to his shoulders, holding him in place and subtly guiding him. As a wave would wash over her, her nails dug further into his flesh, creating an intriguing combination of pleasure and pain for him.

He stopped before she could achieve satisfaction, eliciting a groan from deep within her; but before she could voice her objections, he moved up her body searing her with a passionate kiss. Her groan quickly turned to a moan as she tasted herself on his mouth. She could feel evidence of his desire pressing against her center as he kissed her. As a result, she was left speechless when he broke the kiss and asked, “Ready for your next question?”

She couldn’t find her voice to respond…her mind was dangerously close to slipping into a blissful haze of pleasure; her body was making every effort to draw in air to regulate the flow of blood and oxygen to her brain; her soul was amazed that someone would take the time to learn exactly what she needed in her life at any given moment and move heaven and earth to give it to her.

He lifted his body off of hers and sat next to her prone body on the cot. He retrieved the next item and, starting on her lips, moved it down her body. “It seems to me that someone needs to cool off a bit, wouldn’t you say?”

The contrast of the ice on her heated skin was exactly what she needed to help calm her tortured body. It was a sweet torture…but torture, nonetheless. “Mmm, yes.” She inhaled sharply as the ice circled the taut nipple on one of her breasts. He continued the icy journey, enjoying her body’s responses to the welcome contrast.

After a few moments of being “cooled” down, she regained her composure enough to ask, “Is there a question in here or is this just to cool me off?” Her coy smile as she asked almost caused him to abandon all of his plans and take her right then and there!

He chuckled a bit, “The next question is…what did you do another hot summer evening in Genovia to cool yourself off while I was in America?”

He wished, at that moment, that there was more lighting in the room, because he was certain that there was a definite flush creeping up her body as she thought about that hot summer night. She was strangely quiet as she found that she was too embarrassed to vocalize her actions from that evening.

He anticipated that she probably was not ready, but he wanted to push the envelope a bit more tonight, “Then show me.”

“What?” She sat up to a half reclined position, a look of shock on her face. He was certain if her eyes had not been blindfolded, they would have been wide with astonishment.

He restated the request again, “Show me.” Then he sat quietly and waited.


“Yes, my love?”

“If I choose not to?”

“Then I shall be disappointed, but we will continue. But, Clarisse?”


“You know that there is nothing you could do to show your love for me that should be embarrassing or that I would laugh about, don’t you?”

“I know that…can we save that for another time, though, perhaps?”

His hand lovingly caressed her cheek, “Your wish is my command, love.” He bent to kiss her and she returned the kiss with an intensity that took his breath away. She had come so far in the past few years; and now that he would be able to be at the palace full time, he hoped that soon they could bring their love out of the shadows and could awaken all of their deepest and darkest desires.

She broke the kiss and removed her blindfold. She pulled Joseph down to the cot and straddled his body before fusing their mouths together once again. It was his turn to moan as her tongue plundered his as her lower body moved in a manner that clearly demonstrated that she HAD learned a thing or two over the past few years.

Just as he was ready to lift her hips so he could bury his member fully within her, she stopped. “Now it’s time for a question for you.”

She smiled as she watched him fight to gain some composure, “Not as much fun when you’re on the receiving end, is it?” she teased.

“Just a different kind of fun…” he smiled as he replied.

“Well, let’s see how good your memory is…” She pushed herself from his chest so she was sitting up. He found himself distracted by the stunning vision she made.

She spoke quietly…almost reverently as she started:

“There’s a song that’s inside of my soul

One that I’ve tried to write over and over again

My soul is awake in the infinite cold

But you sing to me bringing peace I’ve never known

So I lay my head back down

And I will lift my hands and pray

To be only yours someday

To be only yours – I know now

You’re my only hope…

Now you tell me the next stanza of our soul song…”

He sat up, adjusting her so she was sitting on his lap, her head on his shoulder. He held her like that for several moments before lifting her chin to bring her gaze to his.

“Sing to me the song of the stars

Of your galaxy, dancing and laughing again

When it feels like my dreams are so far away

Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again

I give you my destiny

I want to give you all of me

I want your symphony

Singing in all that I am.”

They finished together, “I know now – you’re my only hope.”

Their eyes locked and time stood still. There would be no more games tonight, no more waiting, no more questions…there would only be their two souls uniting in a manner that has been established since the beginning of time itself.

His arms went around her and pulled her even further into his embrace. Their lips served as an outlet for all of their passions, desires, and love. The pheromones flowed freely now and served to heighten their need even further. “Clarisse, I want…no I need to make love to you…”

Clarisse rested her forehead against his as they both caught their breath. She smiled as she whispered, “Finally…”

They maneuvered on the cot until he was cradled in her thighs and began kissing her again. His entire world was reduced to the woman now welcoming the weight of his body on hers. He remembered his words from earlier this evening about how he loved the way her soft body yielded perfectly to his as he pressed against her. He closed his eyes to focus on the softness of her lips; they were full and supple. His tongue traced their shape, enjoying the faint taste of berries left from the gloss she applied just before they left.

He threaded his fingers into her hair as his tongue demanded access. Her arms wrapped around his body, her hands running up and down his back in response to the mating dance their tongues were now playing.

Her body screamed for oxygen, but her soul demanded that she not break the kiss. It had been five long weeks since her passion had been ignited in such a manner. The fire within her was growing at an exponential rate and she wanted…no, she needed, the only man who could both ignite and extinguish her inner fire – needed to feel this connection with him – more than she needed air to breathe.

The lack of air only served to heighten her responses. Her mind was clouded with the onslaught of emotions and signals that her body and soul were sending through her nervous system until she experienced a sensory overload. Her nails raked down Joseph’s back sending mixed signals of pleasure and pain to his synapses, while her body arched into his, seeking to make the final connection. Her lungs gulped air as she cried out, “Joseph…now!”

Her nails raking down his back sent a rush of adrenalin through his body as the pain surfaced quickly and then mixed with the sensations of pure bliss to create a unique sense of euphoria unlike anything he had experienced before. He could feel her arched body humming with need moving against his. Her damp curls coating his arousal each time it brushed against his member. Hearing her cry out, he positioned his body over hers and in one swift movement buried himself deep within her hot depths, “Yes!” was the only word his mind would allow him to vocalize.

There was no respite from his lovemaking as he quickly set a tempo necessary to quell the raging desire that had built from an afternoon of sharing, teasing and touching. He felt those long, beautiful legs wrap around his waist, allowing him even deeper access to the inner recesses of her body. Her nails were embedded firmly in his flesh to assist her in holding her own under his thrusts. He wanted to wait for her…but one stolen glance at her face, when he opened his eyes for just a moment, was enough to send him over the edge. Her face was the perfect picture of ecstasy and seemed to radiate love and desire in the faint light of the room.

“Clarisse!” Her name came out as a hoarse whisper as his body focused all of his energy in achieving release. His thoughts came back into focus quickly as some of the adrenalin left his body. He could feel her, moving under him, still taut with need. He moved slightly and saw her eyes were closed as she fought to achieve release. His hand moved in between their still joined bodies and began to caress her sensitive bud with the skill of a master. Within moments, her body arched as shockwave after shockwave coursed through her veins bringing sweet release, “YES!” was the only word her mind would allow her to vocalize.

The both remained, motionless, on the cot for several minutes to allow their heart rates to return to normal. Joseph was the first to speak, “You were late…” he teased.

Her smile lit up her entire face as she explained, “A Queen never comes late…you were just too damn early!”

Their laughter filled the room at her explanation and unaccustomed swearing. He kissed her gently before repositioning them so she was spooned up against his body. He took advantage of the position and started working on his promise to kiss every freckle on her back. His arm was draped possessively around her waist and she held it close as she enjoyed their last few moments of togetherness.


“Hmm?” he replied as he continued to feather light kisses over her.

“I love you. No matter what life may bring our way…know that I love you with all of my heart and soul.”

He tightened his hold on her even more as he whispered in her ear, “And I love you, Clarisse Renaldi; and many more things about you that were too numerous to mention today. I love you with all of my heart, mind, body and soul…all that I am.”

She turned in his embrace to find his lips. She needed one last “fix” as he called it before duty called her away from his arms again. The kiss was gentler and spoke of a love that reached depths that few ever found.

“I’m afraid it’s time, my love.” Joseph’s statement broke the spell as he rose from the cot and began to retrieve their clothes.

Fifteen minutes later, they emerged from the secret room and made their way through the palace. As they made their way past a clock hanging in one of the hallways, Clarisse caught a glimpse of the time and realized exactly how late she was. She smiled to herself as she thought, ‘there are times when it’s good to be Queen.”

They arrived at her suite. She stopped before entering and turned back to Joseph, placing her hand on his cheek, “Thank you for a lovely afternoon. I shall have to take the time very soon to explain, as you did, all the things I love about you.”

“It was my pleasure and…I look forward to it.” He kissed the back of her hand and released it just before her ladies’ maids opened the door and spirited her away citing how little time they had to get her ready. Joseph smiled as he walked toward his suite to prepare for the evening, thankful that it took men considerably less time to get ready than it did women.

An hour later he stood, looking very handsome in his black tux, with Charlotte waiting patiently for the Queen to make her entrance. He had been laughing with Charlotte when she received the word that the ‘Eagle was flying.”.

Charlotte’s face and Joseph’s quick intake of breath announced the Queen’s arrival before any words could be spoken into earpieces. Her activities of earlier that afternoon and the dress that had been made especially for her filled her with an inner confidence that left her radiant. She felt like not only the most powerful woman in Genovia, but the most beautiful and desirable one as well – thanks to Joseph’s secret service.

She twirled to give him the benefit of the entire package, including the back of the dress which dipped provocatively low, exposing many of the freckles that Joseph had been kissing just a little over an hour ago. She approached him, extending her hand. She felt a warm cascade of tingling feeling wash over her body as he kissed the back of her hand and then added, “Beautiful.”

Her smile lit the room and it was obvious to Charlotte that the two had, indeed, spent the afternoon enjoying each other’s company and she couldn’t be happier for them. Before Clarisse could say anything further than murmur her appreciation for his compliment, he continued, “But – you’re late, your Majesty.”

She put on her best Queen face as she replied, “A Queen is never late…everyone else is…simply early.”