In Her Majesty's Secret Service

By Shakyala
Summary: This is a story from Joseph's POV regarding a special service he provided to his Queen.
Rating: MA Adult material. If you are underage, you should go read another story.
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OK, it is - the final installment in Secret Service. This has been a wonderful adventure and I appreciate you taking each step of it along with me. It has been fun!!

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Chapter 14: I belong to you…

Joseph had changed and was sitting in the overstuffed chair next to the window waiting for Clarisse. He was trying to sort out the rollercoaster of emotions he had been through over the past few days. He went from the euphoria of watching Clarisse give him the gift of herself…well, in retrospect, it had been a gift of her body as her heart had not truly belonged to him at that time. The next morning, they had shared such passion; he had felt confident that he would wake up with her in his arms every day for the rest of their lives. Then his world had come crashing down as she had rejected him and made him face the very real prospect of a life without her. Finally, in a totally unparalleled surprise, she had asked him to marry her. He now marveled at the fact that he was in her suite trying to accept that she was HIS…no more secrets, no more hiding their feelings…she belonged to HIM now…mind, heart, body and soul.

His elbows rested on his knees as his hands cradled his face while he tried to sort through it all. He sensed her presence in front of him and his eyes started at the floor and moved vertically taking in the vision standing before him.

The black high heels led to well shaped legs that seemed to stretch on forever. His breath caught in his throat as the black sheer material came into his line of sight. The fabric was see-through with the exception of a few well-placed embroidered patterns. The entire ensemble was held together by a few strands of thin satin. The black panties displayed the same patterns as the nightie.

The rise and fall of her ample breasts left no doubt that she was already experiencing the influence of desire. As he continued upward, her piercing blue eyes were watching him as he watched her. The sapphire pools mirroring the passion her body was trying to contain. His eyes darkened in response to the visual stimuli they were receiving and then he caught himself. “I thought we were going to talk.”

“We are.” she answered.

He shook his head slightly. “I’m supposed to have a serious conversation with you dressed liked that?”

With a small effort, she knelt in front of him and moved so she was settled between his knees. She lifted her hand to his cheek, thankful that he accepted her gesture. “I’m sorry, Joseph. Ask me anything and I promise to answer as honestly as possible. I’m tired…tired of the secrets, the hurt, the loneliness. I want…no, that’s an understatement; I NEED you.” She let out a breath as she continued, “So, please…let’s talk and put all of the anguish behind us. These last few days were the worst days of my entire life…and I’ve had some very bad days in my life, Joseph. I want nothing more than to move past them. So tell me…please, what must I do to make things right with you?” She thought about continuing; but decided she had said enough…what happened next was up to him.

The raw pain of the past few days flooded to the surface as he listened to her words. He knew he was wrong, but it almost seemed as though she were placating him…as though he were an impudent child whose feelings had been hurt and now wanted an apology. He took a calming breath. “I have one question and then one request.”

Her eyes met his as they sought to see into each other’s souls. He noted that her eyes held none of the residual anger that he knew she saw evident in his. He wasn’t even sure why he was angry…perhaps it was because no matter how hard he had tried, he had failed. Yet one phrase from her Granddaughter had made everything different. He had to know… “Why?”

Her eyes registered confusion. “Why what?”

“Why now? Why today…after all this time, after all my waiting…Why did you decide that now everything was acceptable. Our love, our future…why, after breaking my heart?”

She lowered her head to his lap and took a few deep breaths. How could she answer him? She wasn’t certain she could articulate it…she wasn’t even sure she knew. She decided to answer his question with a question. She looked up at him. “Why did you say yes? After everything you just mentioned…why would you not get as far away from me as possible? I hurt you deeply…for that I am so very sorry. So I ask you the same question…why?”

He knew it was a fair question and he damned her diplomacy skills and the fact that she could always turn things around to make him realize how difficult he was being. He considered her question and then answered. “Probably for the same reason you did…now that I think about it.”

She was intrigued and needed to hear his answer. “Which is?”

“We both are incredibly stubborn. We both know we belong together…we were just too proud to step aside from our own preconceived notions about how all of this was supposed to work. You felt you couldn’t have both and I wanted all or nothing…neither position conducive to our situation. Thankfully, we both were able to see past that and, with a little nudge from an amazing young woman; we managed to overcome all of the obstacles we couldn’t see past only a day or so earlier.”

Her eyes were brimming with tears and her voice broke as she said, “I couldn’t have said it better myself…oh, Joseph…things were such a mess. I thought I had lost you for forever. I was such a fool…” The tears spilled freely down her cheeks now as her arms sought to pull him close to her.

He let her cry for a few moments…the tears bringing healing to her raw emotions. He felt a few trickle down his cheek as well to fall into her soft hair as she clung to him. His pain began to ebb away, replaced by another powerful emotion…need. He lifted her chin so she was looking at him again. “The question has now been answered…and the request must be fulfilled.”

“Anything.” was her one word reply.

He stood, pulling her up with him. His hands were on her arms and he was staring at her intently. His voice was low and thick as he said, “I need to know that you belong to me…that I am first and foremost in your heart.”

She quickly answered, “Of course.”

“Prove it.”

He waited for only a second before allowing all of the emotions from the past few days to mingle with his desire for a dangerous combination of lust and want. He pinned her body between his and the wall before his mouth descended on hers in a bruising kiss.

At first she was startled; but instinct quickly kicked in and she knew, intuitively, that Joseph would not hurt her. This was about something deeper than the physical…he intended to make her his…completely. Something inside of her quivered in anticipation of being completely possessed by another…and not just anyone, but by the only man she had ever truly loved. She knew that even though they had had countless times together over the past five years; this time, for the first time, he would have ALL of her. Nothing would be held back…all of the obstacles had been removed…she now belonged to him. That thought thrilled her and she gave herself over to the man whom she trusted implicitly.

He sensed the recognition…the acceptance from her as her body relaxed and prepared to take whatever he had to offer. She was giving herself to him, wholly and completely. That thought sent a rush of adrenalin to his very core, sending his senses into overload. He pulled his head back just enough to speak. “Didn’t I tell you that you had been wearing black for far too long?”

She watched as his eyes raked over her appearance one last time before his hands moved from her arms, over her shoulders, caressing her breasts as his hands moved lower to the center of her garment. With very little effort, he pulled the garment apart, ripping the small straps that never stood a chance against his efforts. He pulled the garment off her shoulders, but left it on her, effectively trapping her arms behind her. His hand caressed her right cheek and moved down to trace the line of her neck. She angled her head to allow him more access and was rewarded with the feel of his mouth on the sensitive skin.

“Oh god…Joseph…aaahh!” She cried out as she felt his teeth nip and suck at her flesh. His assault on her neck continued as he tasted and bit the soft flesh. She gasped at the sensations coursing through her body as he marked her flesh.

His mouth swallowed her cries as he began to hungrily kiss her; his tongue delving into her heated mouth…baiting her to join in the kiss. Never one to back down from a challenge, Clarisse angled her mouth and fought with him for dominance in their kiss.

His hands threaded through her hair, allowing him to control the movement of her head. His mouth tore away from hers as he angled her head in the opposite direction to repeat his actions on the other side.

Clarisse felt wonderfully trapped in Joseph’s embrace. Her head was being held to the wall by his mouth forcefully kissing and tasting the tender flesh of her neck; her arms held immobile by his strong hands; her lower half, deliciously molded between a strong wall and his hardness. She felt completely imprisoned, yet totally free.

She felt his mouth move lower as his hands moved to cup her breasts. Once his hands moved, she made quick work of shedding her garment to free up her arms. She fought to contain her response as his tongue sought to taste her sweet flesh. Her hands moved quickly to his shoulders as she felt his teeth nipping at the swell of her breasts as his fingers began to pinch and pull her enervated tips. She felt a rush of excited adrenalin go straight to her now throbbing desire and she arched her body towards him in an effort to draw his attentions lower.

Joseph couldn’t get enough of her – he was driven by a deep seated need to touch her, taste her, and to possess her all at once. The desire burned inside of him so deeply that he could no longer contain it. He turned his actions over to be driven by his primal instincts – to claim what was now rightfully his. His mouth lowered to take a taut bud into his mouth. He sucked hard, enjoying the feel of her response as her body shuddered and her hands gripped his shoulders. He flicked his tongue over the tip and then grazed the erect nipple with his teeth as he lightly bit down.

Clarisse sucked in air as she felt his teeth on her now highly sensitized nipple. Her nails found familiar turf as they dug into his shoulders as she fought to not cry out. Her voice, nothing more than a loud whisper, pled with him, “Joseph, please…I…the security…outside the door…”

Always able to hear her voice, no matter how quietly she spoke it, he diverted his attention long enough to answer her. “Gone until this evening…” He then lowered his head again and repeated his actions on the other breast.

Realizing that she no longer had to use energy in an effort to be quiet, she turned her mind over to experiencing all that this encounter had to offer. There could only be one first time…the first time she gave it all, everything she had to the man she loved. As she felt him suckling her breast, she leaned her head back against the wall and offered, “I belong to you…”

Joseph heard her admission and it spurred him on. He abruptly broke away from her and commanded, “Don’t move.”

She stood, immobile, as she watched him go to the couch and pull some cushions off. He threw them on the floor and then knelt in front of her. His face was now right in front of the only remaining piece of material that stood between him and his lover. He inhaled deeply, taking in her unique scent…remembering vividly the first time he had been close enough to learn her scent. He looked up and was pleased to see her breathing had increased and her eyes, though still watching him, were hooded with desire. He spoke the only words necessary to indicate what he had planned for her next. “Spread your legs.”

Clarisse felt another rush of fluid to her already damp center as she complied with his command. She was aching with need so much that she briefly considered begging him to take her – to fill her – to finish what had been over five years in the making. However, because of her five years with him, she knew it would do no good. Joseph would not be rushed; and, she knew, it was always…ALWAYS, worth the wait.

His eyes raked over her body again, enjoying the erotic view. Her eyes were closed and her hands were now cupping her breasts…undoubtedly in an effort to ease the ache he was responsible for leaving there. He knew that her lace covered center was wet with her desire and that she wanted nothing more than for him to touch her and extinguish the fire that had been building.

His hands moved to her inner thighs, caressing the softness he found there. As his fingers lightly grazed her panties, she quivered and thrust her body forward some in an effort to deepen his touch. He looked up at her and smiled, “Tsk…tsk…patience, my love.”

A frustrated sigh was her only response. She held her breath as he traced the outline of her panties with agonizing slowness…each touch bringing her closer and closer to the edge of madness…and he hadn’t even really touched her yet. His finger finally came to rest at the top of the garment. He slowly drew an invisible line from the top, tracing over the curls, and down to her very center. He then retraced the path, moving upwards this time. He repeated this a few times until she thought she would explode. The pressure was just enough to increase the throbbing and not enough to bring any relief. She tried again, “Joseph, please!”

His hand gripped the top of the wisp of material and, with one quick pull, divested her of the remaining barrier. He held the saturated garment close to his face and inhaled. His eyes locked with hers as he spoke, “Wet and wanting…I do believe that is the way I prefer you, my wife.”

Before she could respond, he tossed the garment aside and moved in to begin to lavish attention on her inner thighs. His hands moved in between her body and the wall and cupped her bottom tightly to hold her in place as he began his final assault on her body. The moans from her lips, the scent of her increasing arousal, and the taste of her skin caused him to increase his efforts. He nipped and sucked leaving visible marks of his love and affection.

Her hands abandoned her breasts in favor of supporting herself as her knees began to weaken under her husband’s attention. Her breathing had gone ragged and she felt as though she were being overtaken by desire. Her insides turned soft as she felt a cool breeze on her fevered flesh as his fingers separated her curls, exposing the tiny bundle of nerves that were threatening to explode at the first touch.

His mouth covered her pulsating core as his hands moved back around to her bottom. She was grateful for that because, at the first flick of his tongue against her sensitive nub, her world exploded and she would have collapsed onto the floor if he had not been holding her in place. “Oh God…Joseph!”

He hummed a response which sent soundwaves of pleasure through her entire body. There was no strategy, no cadence, no longer any plan for pleasure…he simply lost himself in her essence. He licked, sucked, and nibbled on her jewel as she came again and again. Her body was bent slightly over as she leaned on him for support as wave after wave of pleasure shuddered through her. His name became a mantra on her lips as she was totally consumed in the pleasure he was giving her. Unable to take any more, her knees began to buckle. Joseph pulled back and, slightly groaning from the effort, stood and pulled her parted lips into a kiss.

Grateful to be an active participant once again, Clarisse’s tongue demanded entrance into Joseph’s mouth as she greedily tasted her juices on his lips. Her arms went around his neck, holding him tightly as their tongues dueled. She broke the kiss and found the soft flesh of his neck. She allowed herself the pleasure of marking his flesh as she was certain he had done the same to her earlier. She knew he was enjoying it as a low, guttural moan escaped from the back of his throat as she sucked on his “sweet spot”. She felt him press further into her body, his arousal very evident against her. She adjusted her head slightly so she could whisper in his ear. “I am yours, my husband…take me…make me fully yours. I belong to you.”

Joseph heard her plea and thought that sweeter words had never been spoken. His right hand skimmed down her body to lift her leg, holding it against his hip, while his right went behind her head to provide a slight cushion against the unforgiving wall. He entered her fully with one thrust, completely claiming her as his own.

“Finally!” Clarisse cried out as she felt him bury himself deep within her. She wrapped her leg as far around his hips as she could and balanced herself with her hands on his shoulders. She felt his body slam into hers again and again as he drove them higher and higher into the clouds of ecstasy. Clarisse would later swear that he was not only metaphorically lifting them, but that he was physically lifting her body with each movement.

He repeated his question from a couple of days ago, before all of the madness culminated. “Are you with me?”

This time she answered, holding nothing back, “Always!”

A couple more well angled thrusts and they cried out their mutual release as the waves of pleasure cascaded throughout their joined bodies. They slowly sank to the floor; their bodies still joined but completely spent from their efforts. Their hearts were racing and their lungs were contracting and expanding in an effort to draw in the necessary oxygen to compensate for the physical activity they had just put their bodies through.

“You called me your husband.” Joseph said once he could speak again.

She chuckled. “You are, aren’t you?”

He lifted her chin so he could look into those mesmerizing blue eyes. “Oh yes, my love…I finally am. There aren’t words to adequately express how happy that makes me.”

Her hand caressed his cheek as she responded, “It is good then that we have never really needed words to convey our love.”

He closed his eyes as he felt overcome by love for this woman…his wife. “Very good, my wife…very good.”

After a few minutes, their bodies began to protest their position on the floor. Clarisse stood and then offered Joseph her hand. She bent to pick up what was left of her negligee. “Well, I guess I won’t be wearing this again.” She laughed.

He moved in behind her; his arms encircling her waist. “I am sorry about that. For what it’s worth, I really, really loved it and you looked incredibly sexy in it!”

She laughed softly as she leaned back into his embrace. Her voice became husky again as she asked, “So, Mr. Romero…you’ve taken your blushing bride against a wall, do you have any other fantasies you’d like to fulfill tonight?”

His hands moved up to caress her breasts and pull her even further into his arms. “I have a lifetime full of fantasies that I want to experience with you. However, considering the physical nature of our last encounter, I thought you might like to meet me in my suite where I will make love to you in front of my fireplace.”

“Sounds wonderful; is there something wrong with my fireplace?” she teased.

His deep chuckle brought a warm feeling to her heart…perhaps the healing had started. She held him close as he nuzzled her neck and then answered, “The security team will be back outside your doors soon…I figured my place would offer a little more privacy.”

“I knew I there was a reason I loved you so…you think of everything!” she laughed.

About fifteen minutes later, Clarisse emerged from the passageway. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. Once adjusted, her breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight before her: Joseph was on his side, facing the fireplace. He had placed the mats they had used in their forest hideaway on the floor and covered them with a couple of blankets and some pillows. His tanned body looked nothing short of perfection as the flames highlighted and accented his well toned body. She felt the familiar rush of excitement knowing that soon his body would be one with hers.

He heard her enter the room and felt her eyes roaming over his body. When she came to stand at the end of the pallet, he asked, “Enjoy the view?”

Her voice was low and filled with desire. “Yes, very much so.”

Joseph rolled onto his back and was rewarded with a beautiful view as well. Her hair was still damp, the ends curling to frame her face. She was clad in only a towel that she dropped as his eyes perused her body. He smiled as she answered the question in his eyes. “I thought I would avoid sacrificing another gown tonight.”

“Good thinking. Care to join me?”

She laughed. “I thought you’d never ask.”

She nestled in beside him; his arm resting protectively over her. He gently kissed her shoulder as her skin began to dry in the warmth from the fire. As the warmth spread over her body, Joseph’s kisses were beginning to light her inner fire again. She turned so she was on her back, providing more areas to receive his soft kisses.

His eyes took in her beauty…the soft, blonde hair that provided the perfect frame for her rosy cheeks and sparkling blue eyes. His gaze moved lower and he was shocked by what he saw. “Oh Clarisse…I’m so sorry. I…”

She put a finger to his lips to silence him, “Shhh…it’s alright love – I found the entire experience rather…liberating.”

He kissed her finger and then added, “I must admit, I’ve dreamed about leaving my mark on that beautiful skin of yours…but I think I got carried away. I’m sorry.” He apologized as he surveyed the berried marks his ardor had left on her throat, chest and thighs.

“You didn’t hear me complain, did you?”

He smiled. “No; but, I think I should make it up to you.”

Her smile matched his as she gave him an exaggerated sigh. “Well, if you insist.”

She almost purred as his soft lips gently meshed with hers. It was just as passionate as their earlier kisses, but the desperation was absent – this was simply two soul mates finding each other and being free to express their love for each other fully. His hand slowly stroked her thigh as he found each mark on her throat and kissed it gently.

He moved lower, placing open mouthed kisses over her breasts; paying special attention to any area that was marred by his former endeavors. He blew gently over each area, causing small goose bumps to arise anywhere his mouth had been. He repeated the same on each nipple, delighting in the moans of pleasure coming from his wife’s mouth.

His hand had been gently stroking her inner thighs and the curls covering her center. He was pleased that with each kiss of his mouth and caress of his hand, her arousal had steadily grown to the point where her hips were now moving subtly under his touch. She opened slightly to him, an invitation to further his exploration.

Clarisse thought she had died and gone to heaven. Here she was – enjoying Joseph’s full and magnificent attention, with no worries about getting back on time, being caught, or having to go back to her bed to sleep alone. No. Tonight and every night hereafter, she would fall asleep in his strong arms and wake up to his handsome face. She could think of no better way to spend her days or nights – except with him.

She opened her legs further to encourage his touch; and was not disappointed when she felt a smooth finger dip into her juices and retreat to make small circles on her sensitive nub. As he continued that motion, his mouth descended on her nipple, drawing it into his hot mouth. Her body arched in response to the combined assault on her body.

He moved up to engage her in a kiss as his fingers continued to probe her heat. His tongue mimicked the motions of his fingers as both sought the warm caverns within their reach. Her moans mingled with his murmurs of pleasure as she began to writhe under his expert touch. Her arms stretched above her head, grasping the edge of the mat as her body arched and moved in an effort to accommodate the spiraling tension originating from deep within her soul.

She knew she was getting close and she didn’t want to go alone…not this time. She tore her mouth away from his, her breath ragged as she asked, “Please….love…with me…”

Never able to deny her anything, he moved over her; settling between her knees. She started to move her hands to his shoulders, but he stretched out over her, clasping his hands with hers…keeping her body arched under his. He whispered, “I do so love the feel of you under me…your soft breasts cushioning my body; your breath in my ear; your wet heat coating my arousal…preparing both of us for the moment we become one.”

She lifted her legs to lock around his hips. “Oh Joseph…I love you. We make sweet music together.”

He nibbled on ear lobe, earning him another moan. “Mmm, yes my love…we do…and our song has just begun.”

Her mouth caught his in a searing kiss he felt to the tips of his toes…her lips playing him like a fine musical instrument. She felt his arousal pressing into her softness, seeking its home deep within her body. She moved her mouth enough to be able to speak. “Shall we finish this stanza, lover?”

Repeating his words from earlier that day, “I thought you’d never ask!”

The laughter that would have come from her lips was stifled as she felt him pressing at her entrance. He entered her slowly, reveling in the feel of her silky heat expanding and contracting around him as her inner muscles welcomed him home. Their joined hands squeezed tightly as pleasant sensations began to emanate from the point of their joining.

“Oh yes…feels wonderful…”

He slowly withdrew and then pressed his fullness into her again, setting a steady cadence. They moved together as only two souls who truly belonged together could. Their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls moved in a fluidic motion as they ascended into the heights of pleasure.

As the tempo increased, the needs of their bodies took precedence and the rhythm faltered…he opened his eyes to see her face in the throes of passion. “Open your eyes, love. I want to see you.”

With considerable effort, she opened her eyes to find his dark brown eyes gazing intently into hers. He released her hands and lifted up for better leverage…her eyes never left his as the coil wound tighter until it snapped hurdling them both over the edge.

Her nails raked over his chest as she climaxed sending additional shivers of pleasure through his chest to join with the sensations in his lower region. “Oh God…Clarisse!”

He collapsed onto her as they slowly floated back to his room. She drew gentle patterns on his back as their breathing returned to normal. “I just want to remind you of one thing, my husband.” she whispered into his ear.

“What’s that, my wife?” he smiled into her shoulder.

“I believe you mentioned, in your note, that you would be my lover every day and night. I just wanted you to know that I intend to hold you to that.”

He rolled off of her as he laughed, “Mi zorra…you may kill me!”

She rolled to her side, her hand on his chest as she smiled brightly at him. “Oh, but what a way to go!”

Their laughter filled the room as they turned to their sides to snuggle against one another as they watched the fire slowly die down.

The events of the past few days caught up with them and the need for sleep set in. Joseph heard Clarisse yawn and asked, “Shall we stay at your place or mine tonight?”

She turned so she was facing him. “Yours – I want to dispel any remaining bad memories by replacing them with some new and better ones. Tomorrow morning, we’re going to try the waking up together thing again. I know I can do better.”

He kissed her slowly before answering. “We will do better.”

A few minutes later, they had freshened up and crawled under the sheets. She spooned up against him, enjoying the peace she had, at long last found. “Joseph?”

“Yes, love?”

“You really are an angel.”

He was momentarily confused, “I’m sorry…I don’t follow.”

“That first day…in my office…the beginning of your secret service; you played a song for me…”Arms of an Angel”…you truly are my angel.”

“And was Her Majesty, pleased with my secret service over the past five years?”

“Her Majesty was…and now, my brave knight, I release you from your secret service.”

“I am forever in your service my Queen, my love, my wife.”

She snuggled further into his embrace and replied, “And I yours, my husband. Sweet dreams.”

He kissed the back of her head. “Sweet dreams.”

The End

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